Gala Plunger Medium, 1 pc - Gala Pump Price, Review

Gala Plunger Medium, 1 pc - Gala Pump Price, Review

Gala Plunger Medium, 1 pc - Gala Pump

Super useful product to unclog any pipes or sinks. The Special Hexagon Shape of the Gala Hexa Plunger helps to create proper Vacuum & unclog the sink.

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It is very Important to keep the kitchen clean as we prepare our food there. The Gala Plunger is the perfect tool that helps to unclog the sink. Many times small bits of food end up choking the pipe as a result you will see water, oil, grime and food particles swirling in your sink. This plunger is specifically designed to create a vacuum that results in fast unclogging. Many plungers are quite widely available in the market but this product’s salient feature is its durability.

The Gala Plunger is made from high quality plastic and is a perfect tool for unclogging kitchen and toilet pipeline. This plunger is designed for creating a vacuum to quickly unclog blocked pipelines. This plunger is super sturdy and durable. It is a must-have in all homes and is very easy to use. The Gala Plunger Medium is the easiest and quickest way for unclogging pipes without messing the toilets or sinks. 

Product Attributes:

Made from high quality plastic material

Has a Sturdy design with a gripped handle for convenience


Best used for dechoking kitchen and toilet pipeline

This plunger Enables fast dechoking

This is a super Durable plunger

Super Easy to use

Very Effective in cleaning

Saves your time and effort while unclogging

Zero mess while unclogging pipes

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