Gits Instant Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix, 100g price, review and unboxing

Gits Instant Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix, 100g  price, review and unboxing

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About the Product

Kulfi is a popular Indian ice cream which is made without eggs. This amazing kulfi from gits is made from milk and contains almonds, saffron and pistachios for flavouring. Kulfi's have slightly harder texture than your normal ice cream, and have a milky and nutty flavor. Kulfi's are available in all shapes and can be using kulfi cones.

This is a 100% Vegetarian product.

This amazing kulfi is Ready in just 3 easy steps

Country of Origin: India

No artificial flavour

No artificial colors


Milk Solids, Sugar, Almonds, Pistachios, Starch, Cardamom Powder, Flavour, Saffron.

Brand - Gits

Model Name - Instant Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix

Quantity - 100 g

Maximum Shelf Life - 12 Months

Type - Dessert Mix

Container Type - Box

Food Preference - Vegetarian


Now prepare amazing kulfi in 3 simple steps with the Gits Kesar Kulfi Mix. With this mix you can prepare mouth watering kesar Kulfi. The kulfi's made from Gits kulfi mix have rich taste. This kulfi mix doesn't contain any added preservatives. 

One of the main benefits of having an instant dessert mix handy at home is that it expands your options for making delicious desserts at home. Consider kulfi, a common dessert that is rarely purchased from an ice cream vendor. Classic sweets can be made in the comfort of one's own home using instant mixes. These mixes are especially useful for the approaching holiday season, and they also make fantastic gifting choices as part of hampers and gift bags.

The Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix from Gits intends to offer the flavours of this famous frozen dessert straight to your house. Can it, however, compete with the flavour of shop kulfi? The best way to find out is to give it a shot yourself

Made with premium materials.

Saffron is used as a natural flavouring.

It has milk solids in it. If you have a dairy allergy, you probably should avoid it.

It includes almonds and pistachios, which are dried fruits.

Gits Instant Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix, 100g

Saffron fragrance and taste combine with the nutty flavour of almonds and pistachios in this frozen dairy dessert.

Instruction For preparing Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix

 Add 350 mL of lukewarm milk to the contents of the pack in a vessel.

Bring the Mixture to a boil, then reduce to a low heat and cook for 5 minutes, stirring periodically.

Cool the mixture before pouring it into kulfi moulds to freeze.

Gits’ Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix was super easy to prepare at home. The instructions given on the pack are perfect and clear.

The Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix from Gits came out quite well. The kulfi was made with full-cream milk which resulted in a fluffy and rich Kulfis. In reality, we found that stirring the mixture for longer than necessary causes the frozen kulfis to be a little dry on the inside. It's important to remember that the mixture thickens as it cools. As a result, make sure you implement the pack's directions as is.

This is a complete winner when it comes to flavour and feel. Gits' Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix is much superior to the kulfis you can find in stores and restaurants! There's a lot of amazing taste in this kulfi, thanks to the milk, cream, sugar, and dried fruits. It's also visually pleasing because of the saffron's faint yellow tint. The kulfi had a fresh pista flavour to it, and the cardamon added more flavour.

Kulfi is a dessert that never goes out of style. And Gits' Kesar Kulfi Dessert Mix is a convenient choice if you need to make 3-4 kulfis for your family in a matter of hours. 







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