How to change Fahrenheit to Celsius in Voltas ac remote

How to change Fahrenheit to Celsius in Voltas ac remote:- 

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In the Voltas AC remote there are two modes in which the temperature of the room can be controled the first one is Fahrenheit second is in Celsius. We will now show you how to change the mode on your voltas AC from Fahrenheit to celsius or vice versa. To start off check the symbol displayed beside the number on the remote's display which denotes the temperature of the room. if the symbol shows as ^F then it’s Fahrenheit and if the symbol shown is ^C then it’s in Celsius. Now coming to how to change from Fahrenheit to celsius in Voltas AC remote. All you need to do is simultaneously Press the temp – and mode button and hold it until you see the ^F symbol on the remotes display change to ^C symbol. To switch it back just Repeat the step and you will move it back to Fahrenheit from Celsius.

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