Mortein Insta Refill, Tulsi 35ml + 25% Extra Price, Unboxing and Review

Mortein Insta Refill, Tulsi 35ml + 25% Extra

Price: Rs 68

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In just 5 minutes, you can be protected from dengue mosquitoes.

a knock-down formula that is 100 percent successful

Mosquitoes and houseflies are kept at bay.

formula that is two times more strong

Provides 100% quicker dengue safety and has a fun tulsi scent.

Fits all types of machines

It has a distinct fragrance that is pleasant to the senses.

Product description

New mortein insta Tulsi gives you relief from dengue mosquitoes quickly. It offers 100% better Protection from mosquitoes. With the new insta Tulsi formula.

Mortein insta tulsi Maintains a mosquito-free environment in your house. Mortein protects you and your neighbours from disease-carrying mosquitos at all hours of the day and night. Mosquitoes can be aggravating, especially for those who have a negative reaction to their bites. Mosquitoes bite more often at dusk and dawn, but they are present at all times of day, even though they are not visible. Preventing them from biting you is the safest way to keep yourself safe from dengue. Tulsi/Basil Leaves Benefits for Health, Skin and Hair

About the Product

Mortein Insta Tulsi Plug-in Mosquito Repellent is a convenient liquid vaporizer that provides full protection against dengue-causing mosquitos. Mortein vaporizer is a powerful and easy way to combat mosquitoes and function as the first line of defence against possible pathogens and health hazards. It is formulated with active ingredients.

How to Use

Remove the cap and place the liquid vaporiser container into the electric heating system that has been specially built for it. Connect the radiator and turn it on. Close the doors and windows for 30 minutes to get the best effects. Basil Leaves/Tulsi benefits for skin

Carefully read the enclosed leaflet before use.






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Mortein Insta Refill, Tulsi 35ml + 25% Extra Price, Unboxing and Review

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