Mother's Recipe Desi Szechwan Chutney, 250 g Price, Unboxing and Review

Mother's Recipe Desi Szechwan Chutney, 250 g

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Mother's Recipe Desi Szechwan Chutney

About the Product

Mother's Recipe brings you Desi Szechwan Chutney. This Szechwan chutney is made from the finest ingredients and unmatched quality. There is no added MSG, trans fat or artificial colors, which results in a amazing taste. This amazing hot and spicy chutney can be mixed with almost anything and everything like Rice, Fried Rice or Noodles. It can also be used as a Dip with your snacks or as a Marinade as well. 


Water, Onion, Sugar, Soyabean Oil, Red Chilli, Ginger, Garlic, Iodized Salt, Cornstarch, Celery, Acidity Regulator (INS 260), Preservatives (INS 211), Stabilizer (INS 415) & Soyabean.

How to Use

This amazing chutney can be used as a dip for fried snacks or even as a marinade or as a side dish.

Use this Desi Szechwan chutney to flavor up your everyday dishes.


Model Name - Desi Szechwan

Quantity - 250 g

Maximum Shelf Life - 9 Months

Type - Chutney Paste

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