MTR badam mix powder drink price, review and unboxing

MTR badam mix powder drink price, review and unboxing

MTR Badam Drink Mix Pet Jar 500g

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This is a 100% Vegetarian product.

About this item

It contains real badam bits and real kesar

It tastes best when had with hot or cold milk

It is made from high quality ingredients

Brand - MTR

Model Name - Badam Drink Mix

Quantity - 500 g

Container Type - jar

Flavor - Badam

Maximum Shelf Life - 9 Months

Product description

Skimmed milk powder, honey, finely ground almonds (badams), ground cardamom, and saffron make up the MTR badam mix. With the MTR badam mix you can Create cold and hot drinks, kulfis, and puddings with this. You can also make sweets like almond halwa by boiling it with milk powder, milk, and ghee (sweet). MTR Badam Milk is made from the finest ingredients and has no chemical flavours or preservatives. Toned milk was used to keep the calorie count down, and almond flakes added nutritional value and flavour. It's better eaten cold.

MTR Badam Drink is a tasty mix of Badam, Kesar, and Elaichi that will make your child look forward to drinking milk. Since ancient times, Badam and Kesar have been considered to have natural properties that are beneficial to both the body and the mind, as well as aiding in the enhancement of immunity and power. Almond or Badam benefits for healthy skin, Almond or Badam - hair and general health

MTR Badam Mix is a rich mixture of almonds (badam), milk, and sugar with saffron and cardamom flavouring that is packed to the brim with the goodness of natural ingredients. A delectable blend that quickly prepares the age-old classic Indian beverage with an authentic taste.

MTR Instant Drink Mix - Badam



Milk solids

Almond (8.5%)




How to cook

1 cup hot milk (150 ml) + 3 tsp (15g) MTR Badam Drink mix.

Serve immediately after thoroughly stirring.

Refrigerate (+4°C) in the same manner as for cold Badam Drink.









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MTR badam mix powder drink price, review and unboxing

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