Voltas split ac remote control function guide, manual setting, price - tata voltas original ac remote operation

Voltas split ac remote control function guide, manual setting,  price - tata voltas original ac remote operation

AC Remote Manual - Voltas - Air Conditioner Remote Manual


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Voltas split ac remote ON and OFF button 

•The ON/OFF button is the main button on the AC remote. Press this button to switch on the AC, press it once more, to turn the AC off. Turning the AC off will automatically cancel any Timer, Sleep function which has been activated.

Voltas split ac remote MODE button 

• Pressing this button helps you to switch easily between cooling modes like Auto, Cool, Dry, Fan and Heat mode. When you switch on your AC it is by default in Auto mode. Under Auto mode,the temperature generally is not displayed; when in Heat mode, the starting temp value is 28°C (82°F) ;for cool and dry modes, the initial value is 25°C (77°F).

Voltas split ac remote LAMP button

 • Pressing this button will help you toggle the lamp on or off. When the lamp is set on,the icon  will be displayed and the indicator light in the displayer will be on. When the lamp off is set, the icon ‘5’ will be displayed and the indicator light in the displayed will be put off.

Voltas split ac remote TURBO button  

• This function is available In Cool or Heat mode, pressing this button turn on or turn off the Turbo function. When the Turbo function is turned on, its signal will be displayed on the display of the remote. If you switch the mode or change the fan speed, this function will be automatically canceled.

Voltas split ac remote + button

This button is used to increase the preset temperature. The temperature can be increased upto 30°C and 86 Fahrenheit. 

Voltas split ac remote - button 

This button is used to decrease the preset temperature. The temperature can be decreased upto 16°C and 68 Fahrenheit. 

Voltas split ac remote TEMP button 

 • When the AC is powered on the temperature shown is the default. Press the temp button to display presetting temperature; It will show the Indoor ambient temperature, The current displayed status will not be changed. If current screen displays indoor ambient temperature, on pressing again it will display presetting temperature, 5s later it will go back to display the ambient room temperature.

Voltas split ac remote V Swing

• Pressing this button, will start or stop the swing. When you put it on Vswing the guide louver start to swing up and down, if you press the button again it turns off the Swing, the air guide louver will stop at it's current position. 

Voltas split ac remote - TIMER ON BUTTON 

• Timer On setting: When you set the timer on a Signal “ON” will blink and display, signal Ø will conceal, the numerical section on the remote's display and will become the timer. Now press + or - button to adjust the time value, every press of that button, the value will be increased or decreased by 1 minute. Now press the timer on button again to complete. To cancel the Timer on just repress the timer On button. 

Voltas split ac remote - TIMER OFF BUTTON 

• This key will help you set the TIMER OFF. The method of setting is similar to that of TIMER ON.

 Guide for operation

 Optional operation   

1. After switching the AC's power on, press ON/OFF button to start the AC. 

2. Press the MODE button to select the desired running mode on the AC.

3. Use the + or - button to set the desired temperature on the AC. In AUTO mode you don't need to set the temperature.

4. To set the fan speed press the fan button to select from AUTO FAN, LOW, MID and HIGH. 

5. Pressing the Vswing button, puts the swing on or off.

Optional operation  to 

1. Use the SLEEP button to set sleep mode on the AC.

2. The TiMER ON and TIMER OFF button, can help you set a scheduled timer on or timer off. 

3. Press Lamp button, to switch the displaying part of the AC on or OFF.

4. Press TURBO button to toggle ON and OFF of the TURBO function.  

Some of the special functions are - 

* About turbo function 

With the turbo function on the AC fan will run at a super-high speed to cool the room quickly as soon as possible

*About lock 

To lock the remote Press +and - buttons simultaneously to lock or unlock the keyboard. If the remote controller is locked the lock symbol will be displayed on the remote. Once the remote is unlocked, the mark will disappear.  

* About V swing

. Press the Vswing up button to activate the swing back and forth from up to down. Press the button again and unit will stop swinging and present position of guide louver will be kept. 

* About switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade 

When the AC is off, press MODE and - buttons at the same time to switch between Fahrenheit and Centigrade.  

 Replacing batteries  

1. On the back of the remote Slightly press the place where open is written, along the arrowhead direction and push the back cover of the remote. 

2. Remove the old batteries. 

3. Insert new AAA size 5V dry batteries as per the polarity mentioned.

4. Put the back cover in place of the AC remote.

Display indicator lamp control of indoor AC unit 

• Put the display indicator light on:

Press the lamp button to swith on the display indicator light on the AC. 

•Get the display indicator light off:

Press the lamp button again to put the display indicator light off on the AC. 

If your remote has stopped working and you want to start the Ac, there is only way to start the Ac in such situation that is manually. 

How to start Ac manually without remote?

To start the AC manually all  you need to do is to open front the ac filter cover. To open the front cover just Nudge the cover from both sides of the ac and it will open. After opening the AC cover you will find 2 holes beside the circuit board. Now take a small pen or screwdriver and put it into the bottom hole and slightly push it. 

Makesure your AC is switched on from the main switch. Now the AC will automatically start. Yu need to follow the Same process to switch off the ac. 

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Voltas split ac remote control function guide, manual setting,  price - tata voltas original ac remote operation

Voltas split ac remote control function guide, manual setting,  price - tata voltas original ac remote operation

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