Best organic honey price in India- pure honey

Best organic honey in India

Best organic honey price in  India-  pure honey

Honey is safe, delicious, and highly beneficial for weight control because it aids in the reduction of sugar consumption. Honey is one of the few most fantastic food products that never get spoiled. It is the most used kitchen products, with applications in skin care products, hair products, losing weight treatments, and a variety of other health issues. Honey is widely used in religious rituals in India. Pure honey has a sweet, smooth flavor with a warm tinge that makes you feel energized and safe. Honey is still wholesome, tasty, and full of health benefits, no matter how you eat it.

With so many advantages, it's just normal to want to eat the good honey from the popular ones. Organic honey is the safest because it comes from all natural means, and some good brands market pure honey at reasonable prices. However, there are so many variations of this nutritious food that it's easy to get perplexed. That is why we have compiled a list of India's top 5 honey brands. Choose your favorite and watch your fitness and well-being improve dramatically.

Given several benefits associated with honey, it is recommended to include honey in your diet. But it's a pity that several brands promote fake honey that is entirely sugar and nothing else. This fake honey will do more harm than good. Therefore, it is crucial to switch to organic honey. This article will tell you all the ins and outs of organic honey and how you can choose the best organic honey in India. You can read the ingredients and choose for yourself which one you'd like to eat. There's no need to be concerned with toxic compounds from plastic leaching into the honey because it's packaged in glass bottles.

Without wasting any minute, let's get started. 

Best Honey in India with Price 2021 | Pure, Organic 

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List of Top 10 Best Honey in India

What is organic honey? 

There are different varieties of honey available in the market. These include pure honey, raw honey, organic honey, and unfiltered honey. While different brands promote their honey with these catchy words, no one comes forward to tell you what the difference is? Don't worry, we'll tell you. 

Pure honey: Pure honey refers to that honey in which no other ingredients like corn syrup etc., are added, only 100% honey. 

Raw Honey: When honey is not pasteurized, i.e., it is not heated beyond 118 degrees Fahrenheit; it is called raw honey. This ensures that the natural enzymes, vitamins, and other benefits are not destroyed. 

Unfiltered honey: Unfiltered honey refers to that honey that is not filtered to remove tiny pollens and small particles. Filtration leads to a change of honey in a more liquid form which is prevented in unfiltered honey. 

Organic honey: Organic honey refers to that honey that is produced from organic pollens. Organic pollen means pollen of organically grown plants (without spraying any chemicals). 

5) Pro Nature 100% Organic Honey, 500g - 

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Pro Nature 100% Organic Honey, 500g

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4) INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Honey Unprocessed Unfiltered Unpasteurized Pure Natural Original Honey - 530 Grams Glass Jar

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INDIGENOUS HONEY Raw Organic Honey Unprocessed Unfiltered Unpasteurized Pure Natural Original Honey - 530 Grams Glass Jar

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3) Organic India Wild Forest Honey (Multi Floral) 250g

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Organic India Wild Forest Honey (Multi Floral) 250g

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2) Khari Foods Premium Raw Organic Forest Honey 700g, No Preservatives, Unsweetened, High Pollen

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Khari Foods Premium Raw Organic Forest Honey 700g, No Preservatives, Unsweetened, High Pollen

- It is made from plants, and it has phytonutrients

- These valuable nutrients are unique to raw honey

-  It is free from all chemicals.

Price: Rs 549

1) Nature's Nectar Raw Organic Honey | NMR Tested | Best Organic Honey |100% Pure Honey | 400gm

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Nature's Nectar Raw Organic Honey | NMR Tested | Best Organic Honey |100% Pure Honey | 400gm

- Organic Honey

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- Form Syrup

Price: Rs 475

Why choose organic honey? 

Now we have looked at the meaning of all those catchy phrases used for honey. The question is, why go for organic honey? So, let me tell you that organic honey being produced from organic pollens helps you mitigate and prevent the harmful impact of chemicals and pesticides. Do you know that for organic honey, approx. 2 miles of the area contains only organically grown plants. This means you are not eating chemicals with your honey. For making sure that you get maximumly safe honey, you can look for raw and organic written together on the honey box. 

Prominent features of organic honey:

Organic certification from authorities: Organic honey will always have an organic certification from authorities like FSSAI, USDA, etc. This gives double surety to us that what we are eating is chemical-free. Also, we have proof that the honey is not adulterated. Organic certification tests have stringent measures regarding transportation, the extraction process, temperature, packaging, etc. 

Environment friendly: Since organic honey is prepared without spraying any pesticides or chemicals, this honey does not pollute the environment. A chemical-free environment, in turn, promotes a healthy lifestyle. 

Taste is enriched: Organic honey has a superior taste to other conventional kinds of honey. Since it has to pass through testing and certification, the makers can’t compromise with the quality, making it one of the finest and purest tasting honey. 

Texture and color are also different: The texture and color of organic honey are different from traditional kinds of honey. It is opaque and thick. Since it is not much heated, it will have a cloudy yellow color. The best part is not processed, overheated, and subject to filtration like traditional honey, which gives it a thick texture and color. 

Benefits of Organic honey: 

Honey has a long history in Indian medicine, and Ayurvedic medicines work well when combined with honey. Honey's relevance for our well-being and safety has been confirmed by modern science. Organic honey has several benefits and medicinal properties. Let’s look at the benefits of organic honey one by one. 

Best reasons to use honey on a daily basis:

Source of antioxidants: Organic honey is rich in antioxidants. Since it contains only natural pollen, these antioxidants don’t get destroyed due to chemicals. The body needs antioxidants for the protection and prevention of cell damage. Also, antioxidants prevent free radicals, which cause aging and lead to cancer-like deadly diseases. According to research, antioxidants in organic honey, called polyphenols, play a role in preventing heart diseases. 

Antibacterial and Antifungal properties: Organic honey is known for killing unwanted bacteria and fungi. This is because organic honey contains hydrogen peroxide, which is an antiseptic. In this way, organic honey is also a remedy for bacterial and fungal infections. Raw honey contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that help the immune system against infections.

Healing the wounds; As told in the beginning, organic honey has many medicinal properties, one of which is healing the wounds. Organic honey, especially Manuka honey, is an effective germ killer and helpful in treating wounds because of its aid in tissue regeneration. It also boosts the healing process, and infections are reduced. But make sure not to use organic honey on every wound because only doctors know the fatality of the cut. 

The powerhouse of Phytonutrients: Phytonutrients are those plant-based compounds that protect plants from any harm. For instance, the common usage of these phytonutrients in plants is to prevent germs and insects and render protection from ultraviolet rays. Similarly, organic honey, made from organic pollens, has these phytonutrients that boost immunity and provide antioxidant properties. A strong immune system will keep you safe and fit.

Helps in Digestion problems: Organic honey also aids in digestion problems like diarrhea. Organic Honey is also a probiotic that nourishes good bacteria in the intestine and improves overall digestion and health. It is also beneficial in reducing ulcers and preventing bacterial gastrointestinal diseases. As it has mild laxative properties. A spoonful of honey in warm water has been shown to improve digestion and release stools. If your bowel movements aren't usual, add a squeeze of lemon to your honey and warm water mixture.

Relief in Sore throat: Another significant benefit of organic honey is to soothe the sore throat. It’s a home remedy for the cold. Whenever you have a cold or cough, you can take a spoonful of honey. It is proven to provide relief in a sore throat. You can also add it to your lemon tea to fight cold. 

Research has shown that organic honey works excellently as a cough suppressant. It is even proved to be an alternative to dextromethorphan, a cough medication ingredient. It is easy to eat and even tastier than allopathic cough and cold diseases that are bitter and come with many side effects. 

Control cholesterol and Blood Pressure: Organic honey is also proven to control cholesterol and high blood pressure. According to research, it reduces bad cholesterol, and due to antioxidant properties, it lowers blood pressure. This is a significant reason why honey is seen as a prominent ingredient in reducing heart attacks. The use of honey are used in the treatment of a variety of diseases.

Nature's natural antibiotic: Organic honey is popularly called Nature's natural antibiotic because of its medicinal and healing features. It also possesses many anti-inflammatory properties for giving you relief. It is a healthy food because it is loaded with flavonoids, antioxidants, and nutrients. 

Moisture your skin and fight aging: It's common to see popular health care and face beauty products using honey as an ingredient. This is because organic honey gives moisture to your skin and its anti-aging properties prevent early aging. Honey will also improve your skin and your appearance.

A healthy and tasty alternative to regular sugar: We use a lot of sugar in our day-to-day life. But that sugar harms your body, and we need to add many tablespoons to make it sweet. But organic honey is a tasty and healthy alternative to regular sugar. You can easily use it in place of sugar. It will enrich the taste, and it will require less sugar. Also, it will thus help to overcome all the side effects of using sugar, besides providing above mentioned benefits. 

Aids in the treatment of allergies and illnesses: Honey is the best treatment for many of illnesses and allergies, such as sinus, throat infections, cough, and common cold. Simply put it in your daily tea, add a spoon in some warm water, or eat it straight up – pure organic honey would provide quick relief.

Obesity is treated and weight loss is aided: Honey stimulates the metabolic function and aids in the removal of toxins from the body by boosting the digestive tract. To get correct results, drink honey in warm water with lemon every morning. It may be used to replace sugar in a variety of foods and beverages.

Enhances the appearance of the skin and hair: Honey gives the skin a good glow when consumed orally. Honey can also be used to make homemade face packs to combat skin conditions such as dryness and acne. A pack of honey and yoghurt will do miracles for your hair, making it healthy, silky, and shiny.

It's good for the brain: Our brains seem to forget stuff faster as we grow older. Raw honey should be consumed on a daily basis to keep the brain functioning properly. Honey's antioxidants promote brain health and help to prevent memory loss.

Now when we know about the several benefits of organic honey, it is time to look at choosing the right organic honey for your home. 

Ways to choose the best organic honey: 

Honey will be helpful to your wellbeing in the long run if eaten in the right amounts. Don't be fooled by its natural properties; it's also rich in calories

Although many jars of honey claim that they are organic, we can’t blindly trust them. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the best organic honey by ourselves rather than relying on the sticker. Following are some of the tips to choose the best organic honey: 

Texture and thickness: The first step to ascertain the best honey is to check its texture and thickness. As organic honey is made from organic sources without any adulteration, the color will be cloudy yellow, and the texture will be thick. 

Find local sources of honey: Another way to get the best organic honey is to find local sources. If it's possible, you should try to visit some local apiaries and organic honey sellers. Purchasing directly from the source rather than going to any brand or mall for organic honey can ascertain the purity. These nearby sources can be more easily traced, and credibility can be checked. Some brands also falsely claim that they have produced honey locally, although it is imported. So, to prevent yourself from getting trapped, talking to nearby producers is a good option. 

Know honey purity levels of your region: Different regions prescribe different standards for organic honey. Hence, make sure that you read honey standards and honey laws of your area on relevant sites like FSSAI to know the prescribed standards. 

Spot the difference between fake and real organic honey: Another step is to ascertain the differences between fake and real organic honey. If a brand claims that they have processed or filtered honey to make it cleaner, it does not mean that the honey is genuine. Instead, it has been subjected to artificial purity. So, stay away from such labeling that give such false claims. 

Take a honey sample to check: Although not all shops give a sample if it's available, then you can take a sample to check the purity with the below-mentioned tips. 

Use vinegar to check its purity: Since it is impossible to trust labeling for getting organic honey, it's better to use home remedies to check its purity. One of the best ways to check purity at home is to use vinegar. Mix a few honey drops with vinegar and water solution. If the mixture shows a foam, it indicates that it is not organic honey. So, you know that that honey bottle is not pure. 

Heat test can be used: Another home remedy to test organic honey is the heat test. If you burn a little organic honey on heat, it will remain unburned. So, you know that it is organic. To test honey through this method, dip a cotton bud in honey and burn it. If it burns, it is pure, but if not, it is degraded. This is because the moisture and filtration in inorganic honey prevent consistent burning. 

Water test: Mixing a spoon of honey in water to check if it is organic or not is another trusted home remedy for checking the purity of honey. Dissolve a spoon of honey in water; if it mixes, then it is not organic honey because the property of organic honey is that it does not wholly and quickly dissolve in water. 

Put honey on blotting paper or towel: Another test for checking the texture of organic honey is to put it on blotting paper or paper towels. If the honey is adulterated it may leave a mark on the paper or towel, but if it's not, it will not be absorbed by blotting paper. Although this test is suitable for checking texture (thick or light), it's not a very effective way to check the organic nature of honey. Use it only when you want to check thickness.

Don’t rely on myths to check the purity of organic honey: There are many rumored methods to check organic honey, but these are only rumors and not logical. You should avoid these tests: using ants for testing (because ants get attracted to anything sweet, whether it’s pure or not), mixing alcohol and honey, or checking if it flows in any particular direction when poured. 

What makes honey organic?

When honey is grown naturally and not processed, it is called organic. Organic honey, also referred to as "raw" honey, is free of pesticides and other pollutants. These requirements are maintained for honey to be called organic because it does not go through the traditional method for health. In addition, organic honey has no non-organic sugar or antibiotics. Organic honey is a safer, more organic, and environmentally friendly kind of honey. Pesticides or bioengineered synthetic materials are never used in organic honey.

This honey is harvested from beehives that are located in natural settings, and the owners must adhere to a set of requirements that require bee management, careful extraction, and temperature control while harvesting. Pesticide contaminants and other chemicals are not present in organic honey, as they are in factory-produced bottled honey readily available on the market. Furthermore, organic honey is put into a strict chemical processing process to ensure that it is free of deposits.

Things to keep in mind when eating organic honey

After sometime the honey will darken and thicken. This isn't to say it's unfit for human use. It's possible that the look will change due to crystallisation. In reality, if a container of organic honey hasn't changed at all, that's cause for concern. Those are signs that synthetic materials have been applied to keep it in its most appealing state.

Honey, particularly organic honey, has no expiration date. Harmful bacteria can't survive in them when they're in their most natural antimicrobial state. Manufacturers do, however, note an expiration date under Indian and also international food rules. The date on the packaging normally refers to the best before date rather than the expiration date. So go ahead and buy it at your ease.

If your kid is under the age of one year, you can not feed honey to him or her. Clostridium botulism is a type of bacteria that affects the nervous system, causing breathing problems and paralysis. It is most often present in raw honey. Although it has little effect on adults, it can be dangerous, even fatal, to infants. Botulism in infants is a common diagnosis. Honey should not be consumed by pregnant women consult a doctor.


Organic honey is an excellent source of nutrients and antioxidants that render you good health and facial glow. Given its benefits, it is better to switch to organic honey than other kinds of honey. Although it is a little more expensive than other kinds due to scarcity and other safety measures, the cost is worth it. 

But the problem is how to choose the best organic honey. So, this article looked at all the methods and home tricks for ascertaining the best organic honey from your home. We also looked at some tricks that are illogical and will not give you any results. 

So, next time when you want to buy organic honey, use these tips to get double surety of your purchase.

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