Best plastic chair in india with price for home, office etc Buy on amazon

For home, office, and other purposes, the best plastic chair in India is available at a reasonable price. Purchase on Amazon

Best plastic chair in india with price for home, office etc Buy on amazon

Plastic chairs are very popular in India, and you can find them in almost any house. The chair is a necessary piece of furniture in today's world. Most people consider purchasing the most appropriate and high-quality plastic chairs for their homes or workplaces before purchasing any other furniture products. When purchasing a plastic chair, you must remember the chair's style, material, reason for purchasing it. In India there are numerous styles, makes, and varieties of chairs to choose from. During occasions and events, some of the plastic chairs are modelled in a specific style and for a specific use. They are low-maintenance or maintenance-free and can be found in the workplace or at home. The great thing about plastic chairs is how convenient they are to keep clean.

Modular furniture is in high demand in India today. Plastic material is used to create furniture in both conventional and modern styles. Plastic chairs, has a contemporary appearance, a pleasant style, and long-lasting. Companies sell a variety of bright, durable, and trendy chairs in different designed structures that can be used for sitting, learning, or relaxing. Even the chairs in schools, colleges, restaurants, Homes are made of high-quality plastic.  Plastic chairs have grown in the Indian industry, and they have been a part of our Indian homes.

We have listed ten well-known Indian furniture brands that sell fashionable and modern plastic chairs in its most appropriate styles. It can be found in residences, offices, and other locations.

You are come here to buy a chair for your house first keep in mind  you want it inside or outside you house than you can choose depending on a regular chair, a garden chair, or a comfortable chair depending upon your choice.

A Brief About Best Plastic Chairs in India 

Monobloc chair, invented in 1965 by Joe Colombo, now commonly known as 'Plastic Chair' was originally based on the design of D.C. Simpson, a Canadian designer in 1946. Made out of Polypropylene, it started to become a staple need of every household because of its strength, durability, infinite design possibilities, and lightweight. The word 'Plastic' originally meant “pliable and easily shaped” and was originally manufactured from crude oil. Thanks to the advancement of technology, we can now make plastic chairs out of sugar cane, plant-based, and other renewable resources that help to curb the contamination caused due to the manufacturing of plastic chairs.

Plastic Chair was invented as an alternative for wooden chairs to make them light, cheap, safer, and stronger. The world's first plastic chair was based on the design by Joe Colombo, which was inspired by Universal 4867. Later, since no patent rights were issued, it began to be manufactured in different parts of the world, such as Russia, Italy, France, Australia, China, and several others.

Best Office Chair in India with Price

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List of Top 10 Best Office Chair in India

10) Supreme Web Designer Plastic Chair for Home and Office (Set of 2, Soft Blue)

By now -

Supreme Web Designer Plastic Chair for Home and Office (Set of 2, Soft Blue)

- Heavy-duty armless chair with web design made through Gas Injection Moulded Technology

- Weatherproof multi-purpose plastic chair

- Sturdy Legs

Price: Rs 3,339

9) Nilkamal Crystal Chair (Milky White)

By now -

Nilkamal Crystal Chair (Milky White)

- Color is Milky White

- Style: Modern

- Primary Material: Polypropylene

Price: Rs 2,200.00

8) VARMORA Lumber Back Support Chair (Wood Colour)- Set of 2

By now -

VARMORA Lumber Back Support Chair (Wood Colour)- Set of 2

- Comfy Designer Lumber Back Chair for Office, Garden, Home, Comfortable & Ergonomic Design

- Comfortable in Sitting With Arm Rest, Plastic

- Ideal Plastic Chair for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Price: Rs 2,800

7) Varmora Chair 

By now -

Varmora Chair

- Durable and long lasting

- Adds to the overall decor

- Colour is Brown

Price: Rs 1,389

6) Cello Capri Chair Set Pack of 2 - Beige

By now -

Cello Capri Chair Set Pack of 2 - Beige

- Primary Material is Plastic

- Color is Beige

- Style is Contemporary

Price: Rs 2,900

5) Cello Jordan Plastic Arm Rest Full Back Chair (Rose Wood) - Set of 2 

By now -

Cello Jordan Plastic Arm Rest Full Back Chair (Rose Wood) - Set of 2

- Warranty is 1 Year warranty on manufacturing defect

- Style: Modern

- Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor

Price: Rs 2,845

4) Supreme TexasWenge Chair (Plastic,Wenge,1 Piece) 

By now -

Supreme TexasWenge Chair (Plastic,Wenge,1 Piece)

- Style: Modern

- Colour is Wenge

- Warranty is 6 Months on product

Price: Rs 1,999

3) Supreme Futura Plastic Chair (Wenge) (DCD)

By now -

Supreme Futura Plastic Chair (Wenge) (DCD)

- Warranty is 6 Months on manufacturing defects

- Primary Material is Plastic

- Style: Modern

- Colour is Wenge

Price: Rs 730

2) Nilkamal Sunday Wbn Chair

By now -

Nilkamal Sunday Wbn Chair

- Colour is Weathered Brown

- Material is Plastic

- Wide arm support for maximum comfort

- Light weight and easily stackable

- Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

Price: Rs 2,239

1) Nilkamal Plastic Chair CHR 2060, MBG

By now -

Nilkamal Plastic Chair CHR 2060, MBG

- Colour is Marble Beige

- Material is Plastic

- Frame Material is Polyvinyl Chloride

- Style Contemporary

Price: Rs 699

Why are plastic chairs highly demanded?

  • Plastic Chairs have come a long way from being just temporary portable chairs to being a part of our home and even offices. Given its infinite design possibilities, it can be crafted into several ways and fit in any house décor and look trendy. Besides being trendy, the usage of plastic chairs has a lot of benefits. Let us discuss some of the benefits:
  • A good quality plastic chair such as one made from PVC is quite strong and unbreakable. PVC is a worldwide polymer used to make several types of objects, including chairs. It is popularly used due to its strength and toughness. Besides this, it is abrasion-resistant, lightweight, and can be cut, welded into several shapes and forms. Since it is lightweight, it is ideal to be used by young children in schools and or even students in colleges.
  • Plastic Chairs never change throughout the year. It can be extremely hot or bitterly cold; they never deform. They don't even crack when exposed to air-conditioned rooms and hence can be suitably used for offices, outdoor seats, or even in visitor rooms in offices, colleges, and hospitals.
  • Since they are lightweight and durable, plastic chairs are quite easy to maintain. Moreover, unlike wooden chairs, plastic chairs do not catch termites and need very little or no maintenance throughout the years. Besides being easy to maintain, plastic chairs are quite affordable compared to wooden chairs or other metal chairs. Nowadays, with the launch of different varieties of plastic chairs available at different rates and in almost every local market, there is absolutely no reason to avoid the use of plastic chairs. It has become very easy to find plastic chairs that are elegant and can make a style statement.
  • Most plastic chairs are manufactured out of PVC, which is available in different styles, sizes, and colors, making them ideal for home décor as well as office uses. It has been seen that the usage of plastic chairs has extended to gyms, colleges, schools, restaurants, and much more. Most importantly, plastic chairs are recyclable, can be cleaned, and can be used again.

Back in the old days, chairs were seen as symbols of power and status in places like Mesopotamia and Egypt. It was only used by either the rich people or people belonging to the upper caste. Fortunately, times changed, and chairs began to be made in the cheapest way and, most importantly, for everyone.​

Before purchasing a convenient plastic chair for your house, consider the following considerations.

In India, How To Choose The Best Plastic Chairs

Plastic chairs are very common in India when it comes to furniture. Every person in office or home the first item the first product they purchase are chair, ahead of any other item. Before you go shopping for plastic chairs keep a note of certain point while purchasing plastic chair. The suggestions would make it much easier for you to select appropriate plastic chairs in a shorter amount of time. Lets have a look at how to select the right plastic chairs for your home or office. 

Plastic Quality: Always check if a chair is made of high-quality materials before purchasing it to ensure that it can provide you with years of comfort. When it comes to making plastic chairs, well known businesses use modern technologies. In  moulding method, common materials such as Polypropylene improve the consistency of the plastic content. The chair is solid and effective since it is made of plastic with good moulds and a flawless finish. When constructing seats, most companies use high-quality plastic.

Durability: One of the most important considerations for consumers is the durability of the plastic chair. The plastic chair appears to be durable and can withstand a variety of environments. Now adays companies  has the best packaged plastic seats, which are of higher quality and last longer. The chairs are put to rigorous testing, and the plastic mould is strengthened to withstand a variety of pressures. However, you must ensure the durability of the required plastic chairs before making a purchase. To be long-lasting, plastic chairs should have a better leg frame.

Value for Money: Anytime you plan to purchase a plastic chair, it should be worth your money. You should purchase a fashionable and durable plastic chair that will help you relax. You should be more concerned with the chair's look and comfort than with its colour and shape. The chair should be smooth and gleaming while still being solid and soothing.  You should select the best plastic chair that valuable for money.

Capacity to support weight : The capability of a chair decides how much weight it can support when a human sits or when an object is on top of it without harming people. Each chair has a certain weight capacity. The weight size of the chairs on this list ranges from 100 to 200 kilogrammes.One should select as per based on needs.

Seating Height:: By looking at the measurements, you will determine the chair would be convenient to use. Before deciding on a model, please ensure you check while purchasing the chair's . Shorter people choose lower-seat-height seats, while taller people choose higher-seat-height chairs.

Amount of Comfort: The chair's level of comfort is largely determined by the type of plastic content used and the general design. For making the chair , different moulding methods are used scientifically. The zones have been designed to provide maximum relief for the shoulders, lower back, spine and arms. New computerised mould design and the single mould injection process, aid in the creation of upholstered moulded plastic furniture that is both comfortable and soothing. Plastic chairs come in a variety of shapes and sizes that are both attractive and convenient.

Overall Measurements: When choosing a chair, make sure to double-check all of the dimensions, such as height, width, and depth. These factors will assist you in determining the chair is comfortable or not.

Stackability: You can save house by using stackable seats. The majority of consumers choose to purchase chairs that can be put together because they are more convenient to shop. Just decide ahead of time either you want a stackable chair or not, and then purchase similarly.

Design: The plastic chairs are available in a variety of styles to provide stability and comfort.

Armchair or No Armchair: Whether you like to get an armchair or not when learning or just sitting in your garden is entirely up to you.

Color: Another major aspect to consider is the colour of the chair. Be certain that you purchase it in a colour that reflects the rest of your home's furnishings. Look for a colour that will complement your family room, workplace, or study.

No Rusting  : Unlike iron furniture, these chairs do not rust when exposed to air and wet moisture.

Other Considerations: If you want to purchase the correct plastic chairs and you wish to purchase them online, you can search for best companies chairs that come with a warranty against manufacturing defects. Any firms will have a 1 to 6 month warranty. Using a warranty is helpful. Even, see if the plastic chairs you choose to purchase come with free home delivery. The cost of the chairs is also a vital consideration, as it allows you to make a decision based on your budget. 

These are some of the point to keep that will assist you in making an informed decision about the plastic chairs of your interest. The purchasing guide will assist you in analysing each item as well as the brands that make them famous in the Indian furniture market. Shoppers will have a better understanding of branded brands as a result of the aspects addressed in the purchasing guide. Any manufactured plastic chairs have special designs, while others use new measures to maintain the body comfortable while sitting. Before reaching a choice, you must consider all factors, including your budget. Best Study Chair for students / kids in India with price - Buy online Study Chair

Plastic chairs' manufacturing procedure has changed a lot: Know-how -

Over the years, the process of manufacturing plastic chairs has changed a lot. Earlier plastic chairs were made from a single piece of polymer and hence got the name 'Monobloc Chair'- 'Mono' meaning single and 'bloc' meaning piece. The Monobloc chair was produced by injection molded; it is a process in which a commonly used polymer in the manufacturing of plastic chairs (such as thermoplastic propylene) is heated to about 220 degrees Celsius and then injected into a mold. To ensure the smooth flow of the molten polymer to all parts, the mold's opening is usually at the seat of the chair.

With the advancement in technology, the process in which plastic chairs are made has changed, or rather it has evolved over the years. Now plastic chairs can be made from raw materials such as which are refined into ethane and propane. This Ethane and Propane undergoes a process called cracking, where they are treated with high temperature and are converted into monomers such as ethylene and propylene. This is then used to create a polymer (which is a large molecule made from monomers) called 'fluff' which usually looks like laundry detergent, which is then melted fed into a pipe, which on cooling into long plastic tubes are sent to factories where they are crafted into chairs, bottles, containers and lots more.

Different types of Plastic Chairs you should know.

Now that we have discussed a lot about plastic chairs themselves, let us discuss the different types of plastic chairs available in the market and easily fit in our daily lives.


It comes under the cantilever category and is a type of plastic chair that gets its support at the base instead of four stands. Due to its classy design and attractiveness, it is usually seen in restaurants, gardens, and small pubs. The base of these chairs is curved inside, which makes it perfect to rest your leg and being a cantilever chair, it can easily bear the load.


These chairs are perfect for gardens, patios or golf courses as it is comfortable as well as foldable, it can be easily carried from one place to the other and also takes up very little space (hence can fit almost everywhere and anywhere).


These chairs are oval-shaped with a center sitting arrangement and a wide backrest. These chairs are also called orbit chairs due to their shape and design. Here, the base of the chair is also oval and has only one support. For these chairs, cushions can be separately purchased, or sometimes they come attached to the chair itself. It is the perfect chair for a modern house and comes in all colors so it can match up with any house décor you choose.


Thinking about more than just an orbit chair or glossy chair, well, we have another recommendation for you. You can always try out a geometric chair; with its simple yet elegant style, it can stand out almost anywhere. These chairs are mostly desired for their geometric shapes and designs and hence the name 'Geometric Chairs.' However, these chairs are devoid of arms and manchets.


Whether you own a bar or looking for some chairs for your upcoming party, LED chairs are just the right choice for you; these are single Monobloc thermostat chairs that are rigid and strong. These have LED lights attached either to the lower portion of the chair or under the chair. These chairs are characterized by a wide seat and wide shoulder rest without any armrest. The lights in these chairs come in a lot of variety and are customizable. As it is quite affordable, these types of chairs have become quite famous in pubs and bars.


These chairs are highly suited for offices related to media, interior designing, or fashion. These are made out of a single piece of plastic and are available in several colors. These chairs have four thick legs, which are quite steady and rigid; however, these chairs do not have any armrest.


These chairs are mostly seen in wedding halls, where a single cloth is stretched all over a plastic chair. These chairs usually have a wide base that gives support to the chair, and usually, the armrest of the chair is covered with cloth. However, thanks to the advancement in technology, the simple design of these banquet chairs can be easily replicated using colorful plastic materials.


These types of chairs are usually seen in the waiting or the visitor's room in offices, hospitals and some cases also seen in the canteen area of school and colleges. These types are characterized by a series of chairs attached to each other by single metal at the lower portion of the chair. They usually have a wide backrest and may or may not have an armrest. These usually come in the color black or silver but are easily customizable.


As mentioned above, these chairs are a bit different from the glossy cantilever chairs. Unlike the glossy chairs, these chairs have two stands in the front to give it support that curve at the back, giving it a box appearance. These front two stands curve to give shoulder rest and a wide backrest. These chairs also come in various colors and sizes.


These chairs are usually seen in old age homes, hospitals, and in the houses of people who have elderly members in their family.  These chairs have 4 thick legs that give steady support and are usually used in the bathrooms to give elderly people a bath. It has a wide back to give them back support and has holes all over the chair so that water drains out after a shower.


These are found in almost every house; these are like must-haves for every family with a kid. These chairs are the most steady, reliable, and colorful. They also come in all shapes and sizes; it usually has a curved lower base at the bottom to facilitate the rocking movement which is attached to the main chair.


These are usually known as patio chairs; it is ideally used in patios or gardens with a center table for people who enjoy watching the sunrise or the sunset or people who just want to relax after a busy long day with a good drink in the fresh breeze of Mother Nature.


These chairs are standard stackable chairs used for kid's playrooms or in kindergartens for children. They are available in different colors, shapes, and sizes. The legs of these chairs are designed into a cylindrical shape with a square seat and a wide backrest.


These chairs are made from recycled bottles, chairs, or several other plastic items that can be converted into good quality chairs and can be used for several purposes. These types of chairs are ideal since nowadays people want to reduce the man-made risk towards nature and reduce the casualties.


These chairs are usually used for children at their growing age and are usually very costly and cannot be used throughout their lives. These are relatively costlier than other chairs; however, they are much cheaper than high wooden chairs. These usually have long legs with a rectangular base in the front for the kids and a wide backrest.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is plastic chairs are available in folding design?

- There are a variety of plastic folding chair types available on the market. They are simple to clean, use, and stock, as well as to transport. They're light and come in a variety of seating heights and weight capacities.

What is the Typical Lifespan in Plastic Chairs?

The average life span of a plastic chair is 7 to 10 years, depending on the quality, how it is used, when it is used, and other factors. If correctly used, it will last for approximately 5–7 years.


Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of plastic chairs, what are you waiting for? These are the best types of chairs that are available in the country that can be used in several places, be it at offices, houses, hospitals, or wedding halls. These chairs are easily available on online websites for various price ranges, and sometimes these websites also come up with exciting offers, and cash backs, or discounted rates. They also take credit cards or debits as well as accept cash on delivery. If for some reason, one is not comfortable purchasing these online, you can always go to your nearby local market or shopping mall and the chairs most suitably for your need and purpose.

This ends our discussion of Plastic Chairs in the Indian online market. Which option from the list above do you prefer? If you'd like to share your feedback with us, please do so in the comments section below.

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