Best Stylish Branded Helmet For Bike With Price In India - Top Branded Helmets

 A Brief Study on Best helmets in India 

Bike riding is an Adventure and to enjoy our trip or ride we have to very careful as things dont go as we planned it and there are risk too as Accidents can happen at any time and it is the duty of the rider to ride safely.  The number of two-wheeler vehicles in India is constantly rising. More the vehicles, the more safety is required. Since safety is of utmost importance to almost everyone, it becomes imperative that we choose the right products for ensuring safety. To ensure safety on a two-wheeler, it is a must to wear a helmet if you are going on a long ride or a short ride. 

Even if you have the best bike, you should wear a helmet of the highest quality. A helmet provides that you don't hurt yourself even if you fall from a two-wheeler vehicle. Since it's a matter of your safety, choosing an ideal helmet is of utmost importance. So, in this article, we will tell you all the details about helmets to select the best helmets available in the Indian market. 

Best Stylish Branded Helmet For Bike With Price In India - Top Branded Helmets

Best Stylish Branded Helmet For Bike With Price In India - Top Branded Helmets

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List of Top Best Stylish Branded Helmet For Bike With Price In India - Top Branded Helmets

10) SMK MA271 Twister CARTOON Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet With Clear Visor (Large)

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SMK MA271 Twister CARTOON Graphics Pinlock Fitted Full Face Helmet With Clear Visor (Large)

- Certification: ECE Certified

- High quality U.V. resistant Polyurethane paints used

Price: Rs 4,500 add Rs 250 delivery

9) Gliders. Fusion Full Face Helmet (Black with Clear Visor, 580 mm) 

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Gliders. Fusion Full Face Helmet (Black with Clear Visor, 580 mm)

- ISI Certified

- Option of Clear or Mirror Visor

- Dynamic Air Ventilation System 

Price: Rs 895

8) Autofy Front Open Helmet (Black and Grey, 580mm) 

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Autofy Front Open Helmet (Black and Grey, 580mm)

- Made of highly durable and sturdy polycarbonate outer material

- Rear Ports circulate air throughout the inside of the helmet, preventing heat buildup and making long rides more comfortable

- Chin venting system prevents visor fogging during cold conditions

Price: Rs 913

7) Aeroplus Smart (ISI) Full Face Helmet (580mm,M) (Black/Silver) with Plain Visor 

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Aeroplus Smart (ISI) Full Face Helmet (580mm,M) (Black/Silver) with Plain Visor

- High Density Polystyrene Inner Shell & Cotton Fabric Interior

- Crafted Abs Shell With High Quality Exterior Finish

- Movable chin guard operated with single lever pull mechanism

Price: Rs 599

6) THH Helmets TS-43 TRON Full Face Double Shield Bike Helmet (White/Orange, Matt Finish, Medium Size)

Buy now -

THH Helmets TS-43 TRON Full Face Double Shield Bike Helmet (White/Orange, Matt Finish, Medium Size)

- New Helmet May Feel Tight At First, This Is Normal And Required To Ensure Rider Safety.

- Certification: ISI

- This Helmet Comes With Aerodynamic Shell With Large Eye Port For Greater Visibility

- Release Mechanism

Price: Rs 4,576

5) Royal Enfield OP MLG (V) Open Face with Visor Helmet Matt Battle Green (M)57 CM (RRGHEM000184) 

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Royal Enfield OP MLG (V) Open Face with Visor Helmet Matt Battle Green (M)57 CM (RRGHEM000184)

- An ideal fit for riders

- Comfort liner made of polyester

- Adjustable and enabled with lock system

Price: Rs 1,808

4) LS2 Helmets - FF320 Stream Evo - Bubble - Matt Black Orange - Dual Visor Full Face Helmet

Buy now -

LS2 Helmets - FF320 Stream Evo - Bubble - Matt Black Orange - Dual Visor Full Face Helmet

- This is a Dual Visor Helmet

- Inner Liners are removable and washable

- This helmet comes with Chin Curtain and Neck Roll

- ECE Certified

Price: Rs 6,500 plus Rs 250.00 delivery

3) Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Graphic Helmet

Buy now -

Steelbird SBH-17 Terminator Full Face Graphic Helmet

- Italian Design Hygienic Interior with Multi pore

- Breathable Padding and Neck Protector For Extra Comfort

Price: Rs 1,954

2) Studds Ninja ELITE Flip Up Full Face Helmet with Carbon Center Strip (Black, L)

Buy now -

Studds Ninja ELITE Flip Up Full Face Helmet with Carbon Center Strip (Black, L)

- Moveable Chin Guard With Single Button Flip Up Mechanism.

- High Quality

Price: Rs 1,121

1) Vega Crux DX Full Face Helmet (Camouflage Dull Black and Orange, M) 

Buy now -

Vega Crux DX Full Face Helmet (Camouflage Dull Black and Orange, M)

- Flip up option, leather finish touch, off-road look

- Easy fit, easy visor fitting, smooth function for flip up action

- Good ventilation, use press button for open and close

- ISI approved Helmet

Price: Rs 1,219

Types, Benefits, and Buying Guide for the Top Helmet Brands in India

Types of helmets: 

Earlier there were only a few options available when it came to helmets. Modern days companies provide a wide range of products from which to choose. There are several options available in terms of design, colours, and fit. Customized helmets are also available for a higher price. Helmets for bikers come in a variety of styles. Helmets for men are available from well-known brands like Royal Enfield, Vega, Steelbird, and Studds and more. 

There are seven different varieties of helmets available in the Indian market. These are: 

Full face helmet: Full-face helmet covers your entire face and head. So, it offers the most protection and safeguards you from any kind of injuries. They also stop the wind from reaching your face and reduce the noise levels. But the major disadvantage is that they are pretty bulky. But overall, for long-distance riding, when you need maximum safety, these kinds of helmets become crucial. 

Half face helmet: Half face helmets cover the head of the person riding the two-wheeler, but his face is left open. The face is covered by a visor and gives you a complete view. The advantages include that you can ride with sunglasses, communication is possible even if you wear this helmet, and you can easily drink or clean your face. Also, unlike the full-face helmets, these half-face helmets are not suffocating. The major disadvantage is that you might get protected against head injuries, but facial injuries remain unprotected. Another disadvantage is that wind and noise can enter the helmet and divert your attention.

Modular helmet: These helmets are a combination of full-face and half helmets. The front of these kinds of helmets is easily adjustable to convert it to a half-faced helmet or a full-face helmet as per your convenience. But the problem is that due to added screws and bolts, the weight is more than earlier helmets. Also, if the quality of the nuts and screws is not good, they might losen and the helmet will lose its rigidity and become useless. Another disadvantage is that noise and rain can quickly enter the helmet because of a lack of complete coverage. So, it is only suited if you want to switch between full face and half face helmets. 

Half shell helmet: These are another kind of helmets which are also called skull helmets. They offer the least riding safety. The protection is provided to only the top of the head till the ear portion. Face jaws and neck remain unprotected, and the chances of injury or severe damage in case of any mishappening are significant. The advantage is that these are far cheaper than other kinds. These are just for the sake of wearing helmets if you want to escape the traffic police. In other words, you can say that this helmet is like wearing no helmet at all, and it's nearly for showing that you are wearing a helmet. Also, it might give wind resistance to your head, but your face will experience wind, heat, water, rain, etc., so this should be preferred only for scooters and showcasing in movies. One should not pick these helmets at all for ensuring your safety. 

Half helmet or pudding-based helmets: These helmets are designed like Pudding and are popular amongst bikers, rockers, and Street races. They give you protection against brain injury, but there is no guarantee of face protection. Also, these kinds of helmets have no longer been in use in many countries. 

Off-road helmets: Off-road helmets have to travel in those areas where there are no roads. These helmets are very calm, and they also prevent any dirt or debris from entering your face. For style, you can also wear goggles. Also, these are suitable for city use because they provide more wind resistance and are designed so that you feel comfortable. A significant disadvantage is that due to wind resistance and complete sealing, the rider’s Neck might be strained.

Dual sport helmets: The last category of helmets chosen mostly by Pro biking lovers is dual-sport helmets. They have been approved by DOT rating (which is higher than ISI) and ensure maximum safety. Also, these are designed in an aerodynamic feature that is helpful for those bikers who often travel at high speeds. The prices are the major disadvantage because these start from INR 10000 onwards, which makes it a bit costly. That is why only pro-bikers choose to wear these kinds of helmets and simple lifestyle people do not use these. 

Benefits of wearing a helmet

There are a lot of benefits of wearing the right helmet. These benefits are outlined below.

The following are the top reasons to wear a helmet when riding a two-wheeler.

Gives protection to your head and face in case of an accident: Helmets give protection to your head and reduce the chances of severe head injuries. Wearing helmets would also prevent significant disabilities that are caused due to accidents. Helmets are designed so that the head movement is reduced. The soft metal material can ensure the absorption of impact, preventing direct contact between the skull and the impactful object. Also, the effect of the accident is spread over a surface area by wearing a helmet. As a result of which no particular location in the head gets severely damaged.

The hard shell compresses the effect of anything hard: It is believed that the hard surface of the helmet decreases the risk and severity of injuries and prevents death by up to 39%. Also, the healthcare costs are reduced if you don't get severely impacted.

Helmets cut down wind noise: It is very common to experience loud wind noise around ears while riding a two-wheeler. This makes it difficult for the rider to hear essential sounds like horns or any emergency vehicles, but if a person is wearing a helmet, the chances of loud wind sound close to your ears are reduced due to which person can hear essential sounds. 

Helmets protect riders from bright, sunny days or heavy rainfall: Helmets also protect the rider from weather conditions like Sun rays if they have a visor. It is especially attached to motorcycle helmets. It reduces the effect of sunrise and prevents the incoming rain droplets, which can reduce visibility. Even in rainy days a helmet can keep your head protected and allow you to concentrate on the road rather than the weather.

Protection against flying objects, life, gravel pebbles, insects: Another significant advantage of wearing helmets is that they can protect you against flying objects like rocks, gravel, etc., which causes disturbance to a rider. Also, it prevents any insect-like mosquito or any dust particle smoke from entering your face area. In this way, more safety is ensured. 

Avoid Penalty: Because wearing a helmet is required in many places, particularly in urban areas, it can assist you in abiding by the law and avoiding a financial penalty from traffic police.

Protects against dust and pollution: Another significant advantage of wearing a helmet is that it protects your skin from road dust and pollution. You will not be attacked by pollution or wind if you close the visor of your helmet.

Helmet buying guide in India

Given the benefits of wearing a helmet, one should make an informed choice since different helmets have different uses and disadvantages. We need to look at them while selecting the ideal helmet for ourselves. So, let's look at the factors that you should consider before purchasing a helmet:

Ideal Size: The first consideration while buying the right helmet for yourself is that it should be of a perfect size. It depends upon the size and shape of your face and head. Most of the helmets are in neutral, oval, and round head shapes and the lengths you get are s, m, l, and xl. While choosing the helmet, remember that it gives a tighter fitting initially, but after some time, the string gets compressed, and it becomes comfortable. So, while deciding the right size for yourself, you should ensure that you select a helmet that leaves a gap of around two fingers between your forehead and the helmet. The helmet should also correctly fit around your neck.

Material: Polycarbonate, fibreglass composite, carbon fibre, and expanded polystyrene (EPS) are commonly used. The weight of the helmet varies depending on the material used. 

Vision: Peripheral vision should not be obstructed by your helmet. It should be well-placed so that you can focus on the road rather than constantly adjusting it near your brow.

Ventilated adequately so that you can easily breathe: Another important consideration while purchasing the right helmet for you is that it should be adequately ventilated to breathe easily even if you are stuck in traffic. 

Prevention of unnecessary noise: Since we know that a lot of wind sound is experienced while riding a two-wheeler, fitting a helmet can prevent excessive noise. So, when you go to buy the helmet, you should ensure that the helmet is appropriately designed to reduce the wind sound. 

Price of helmet: An important consideration while buying anything is the price of that commodity. But this should not be the case with safety measures like helmets. So, while purchasing a helmet, you must look for safety rather than a low price because this low price can come at the cost of your safety. Although expensive helmets are not encouraged, the helmet’s security should not be compromised just because of price. 

Choose the correct type of helmet: Above in this article, we have given information on seven different types of helmets with different advantages and disadvantages. So, based on that, you should figure out the ideal helmet for you.

Don't go for a very tight or a very loose helmet: A proper helmet that is not too tight or not too loose is crucial to feeling comfortable and safe after wearing helmets. For this, you can do a chipmunk cheek test. In this method, you try to move the chin after wearing a helmet. If you can move the cheeks, but the helmet is at the correct position, you are heading towards the fitting helmet. If it's moving, then you should try a small size. If it's tight and you feel discomfort at your forehead or above your temples or have an extensive red line across your forehead while removing the helmet, this is not the ideal helmet for you. 

Your riding style: Another critical criterion that impacts the selection of an ideal helmet is your riding style. If you ride very fast, you must take the best quality helmet to protect yourself, but if you feel you are an everyday rider, you can go for one that comes in your budget but ensures safety. 

Padding: Padding makes sure that the helmet stays in place on your head while riding. The padding should provide sufficient comfort. It needs to be soft.

Balance: Choose a helmet that provides a good balance between price, appearance, and comfort. When purchasing one, make sure to prioritise the safety factor.

Certification: Before you buy something, make sure it has a quality certification. Buy a helmet with the ISI (Indian Standards Institute) mark if you're in India.

Exterior body:  Check the exterior body of the helmet in addition to the inner foam. It should be made of a strong but lightweight material, such as polycarbonate, that can withstand the power of any accident while remaining light on your head.

Chinstrap: Look for helmets with chin straps that are relaxed, skin-friendly, and powerful. 

Necessary precautions that one should take while wearing helmets (common Mistakes to avoid while wearing a helmet) 

Once you have made the purchase, the next step is to wear it to enjoy all the benefits properly. But there are certain things that we miss out on while wearing the helmet. So, here are some necessary precautions that you should take in case of helmets.

You should regularly clean your helmet: The most common mistakes we make with helmets are keeping them in one place and forget about cleaning them regularly. But we tend to forget that the sweat and the oil from our face and head can decrease the quality and protection cover of the inner material in the helmet. Therefore, we must clean this helmet regularly. Another thing that you should remember while cleaning your helmet is that a very mild soap and warm water or a helmet cleaner should be used. We should not scrub the helmet very hard from the outside. For cleaning the inside part, we should adequately rinse it, shampoo it and rinse again. If you feel that you can't clean helmets since you need to travel a lot, then you can use balaclava that is easily washable, rather than washing helmets again and again. 

Replace helmets after a time: Another common mistake that we tend to make with helmets is to keep using the same helmet for several years. This might seem ok, but those helmets that have been used for so long might lose their usefulness and safety cover. Generally, they have a lifespan of 3 to 5 years if they are treated right. So, one should change it after some interval of time. Wearing a damaged helmet is the same as not wearing one at all. It's even worse because it can result in a serious accident. To protect the inside part of a helmet from oil or sweat can extend its life. It's also a good idea to avoid using hair products before putting on a helmet. If you notice any damage, it's best to get a new one and replace it as quickly as possible.

Don't avoid certain additional features just for Price: Another common mistake that we make while purchasing helmets is that we don't buy other elements like an anti-fog visor, quick emergency release, etc. We fail to understand their importance. For instance, an anti-fog visor will be very helpful on a foggy day. Also, earbuds are essential when you ride at high speed so that wind noise will not lead to hearing loss. Emergency cheek pads are another great feature. These are Red ribbon ribbons or red buttons that are fixed on the bottom of helmet cheek pads. They help you to remove the helmet effortlessly, even in any mishappening. 

Not buckling the helmet properly: We wear the helmet, but we sometimes forget to bucket the helmet properly. This will reduce the effectiveness of helmets. Therefore, it is vital that next time when you wear a helmet, ensure that you have worn it properly. 

Why Should You Wear A Helmet?

If you have a bike and love to ride it, you must wear a helmet for two reasons: first for your own safety, and second, due to the fact that it is required in a number of cities. If a bike accident occur, it could save your life. Wearing a hemet has become obligatory in India, or a fine will be imposed. In Mumbai there is a of Rs. 200. To save yourself from accidents and comply with the law, always wear a helmet.

Which helmet is the best in India?

You must know which helmet is best for you. There is no such thing as the "best" type, size, or design. You must purchase a full-face mask with proper certification because it provides more protection.

Will purchasing a high-priced international helmet be worthwhile?

Internationally manufactured helmets can be quite costly. They are safe and long-lasting if they have the appropriate certifications. Helmets with cutting-edge technology are available from some of the world's most prestigious brands. However, whether they are deserving of the money is a matter of opinion. Your selection should be based on the helmet's protection, availability, reliability, innovations, and convenience, as well as your budget.

Is it possible for me to clean my helmet?

Yes, you can and should clean your helmet on a regular basis.

Is It True That Helmets Cause Hair Loss?

Hair loss is of genetic problems and environmental issues in general, helmets do not cause hair loss. Sweat may be the reason but it does not significantly impact hair roots. However, you should maintain your scalp clean, keep the inside of your helmet clean, and only wear branded helmets. Always keep in mind that hair loss is insignificant when it did come to saving someone's life in the event of an accident.

Is it acceptable to purchase an uncertified helmet?

Purchasing an uncertified helmet is not recommended. ISI certification ensures that certain quality standards are met. Before you buy one, make sure it has the ISI mark.

List of the Best Helmet Brands for Bike Riders in India: 

The best helmet brands in India are listed below. These brands have a powerful online and offline existence for the most part. check the list that we have given below and  connect with a company that interests you the most.

1) Vega

Vega Auto Accessories Pvt. Ltd., based in Belgaum, India, was founded in 1982 as the Vega Group of Companies' pilot company. Since then, Vega has grown to become one of India's leading helmet manufacturers, competing with world leaders in terms of design, process, and product quality.

2) Steelbird

Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd. (SBHT) was founded on March 13, 1964. By producing helmets, SBHT, a subsidiary of Steelbird Group of Industries, ventured into uncharted territory in the auto accessory industry. Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd. is a company based in India. It is credited with being the first company in India to introduce the concept of helmets. (SBHT) promises to manufacture helmets as a life-saving and indispensable tool for riders' safety.

3) Studds 

Among Indian bikers, Studds is a well-known brand. In 1973, thy started it operations. From making first helmet in a garage to producing 7 million helmets per year. It is also known as the largest helmet manufacturer in the world. Studds places a strong emphasis on quality and innovation. It sells fashionable helmets as well as useful accessories.

4) LS2

There are many duplicates of the LS2 helmet available in the market so be very careful while chosing one LS2 has been around for a long time, and the company has built a solid reputation for producing tough, comfortable, and safe helmets. They have a large selection of designer helmets.

5) THH

THH is a Taiwanese helmet manufacturer.   Tong-ho-Hsing is known as THH. Their helmets are known for being lightweight, ventilated, and made from high-quality materials. THH creates exciting models and graphics. THH has a smaller, more rounded shell than most other helmets in the same price range, making it easier to store and lighter.

6) Royal Enfield

Along with its two-wheelers, Royal Enfield also sells a variety of motorcycle accessories. Those who ride Royal Enfield motorcycles prefer to wear a Royal Enfield helmet. Their helmets come in a variety of sizes and colours to complement various bike designs. They're stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting.

7) SMK

Studd is the producer of SMK Helmets which are preimum line helmets. They are number 3 position in helmet manufacturing in India. SMK is a manufacturer of technologically advanced helmets. They're not only safe, but they're also attractive. These helmet by smk are designed in Europe. When it comes to SMK, style and safety go hand in hand.

8) MT

MT stands for Manufacturas Tomas. The helmets are made from a variety of products, from energy-absorbent thermoplastic to carbon-composites The helmets are made in Spain and have been used widely in all kinds of motorsports events all over the world. In Europe, MT helmets have a good reputation.

Various Helmet Certifications

A certification logo will appear on a certified helmet. An ISI symbol, for example, can be found on any Indian helmet that has been certified.

The Indian Standards Institute is abbreviated as ISI. Only certified helmets are allowed to be worn in India, according to the government. In the event of a mishap, a helmet with ISI 4151 protects the skull. If you want to buy a helmet made in India, make sure it has an ISI certificate.

ECE, DOT, and SNELL certifications may be found on a foreign or imported helmet. ECE certified helmets are preferred by many racing organisations.

The Economic Commission for Europe (ECE) is the European Union's economic commission. In addition, this standard is used in more than 50 countries. A helmet is required.

SNELL is an international standard that requires a helmet to pass stringent testing in order to be certified. In addition, the racing organisation prefers them.

DOT and SNELL are both American companies. The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates helmets that can be chosen to wear while riding on public streets. SNELL is a racing vehicle.

SNELL is the world's toughest certification. They are put through extensive testing.

What To Do And What Not To Do

  1. Always choose a helmet that fits your head properly. It is preferable to try something before purchasing it.
  2. Never buy a helmet that isn't certified.
  3. Never place an attraction sticker on the lid of your motorcycle helmet. This could cause damage to your helmet.
  4. After cleaning the helmet, place it in direct sunlight to dry completely.
  5. Replace your helmet according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  6. Even if your helmet complies with all regulations, do not toss it around carelessly.
  7. It is preferable to clean your helmet with a soft cloth after each day's use.
  8. Check to see if your helmet requires any repairs. Never wear a helmet with ripped foam or a broken strap.
  9. To avoid scratches, clean the visor of your helmet from one end to the other.
  10. When cleaning the helmet, never use furniture polish. Always store them in a dry location
  11. If your helmet is exposed to high temperatures, gasoline, or cleaning fluids, the material may degrade.


When riding a two-wheeler, it is absolutely essential that you wear a helmet at all times because protection is paramount. Make sure you're wearing your safety equipment at all times. Helmets are the safest way to ride because they protect your head in the event of an accident. When purchasing a helmet, always check to see how sturdy it is and how well it absorbs impact. Always buy a helmet with a good build quality that will last a long time, and always replace the helmet if it has been in an accident or if it is worn out. In this article, we show different details about helmets that are crucial for making the right decision. Only an ideal helmet will ensure your safety and maximum protection; therefore, you should invest in them wisely.  Choose the best quality and make an informed choice through the steps given above.

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