Fennel seeds benefits for eyes - Keep your eye problems at bay

Eye benefits of fennel seeds - Keep your eye troubles at bay with fennel seeds.

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Blurred and unclear vision, discomfort, swelling, itchiness in and around the eyes, and redness and inflammation are all symptoms of eye disorders. 

From a  young age eye disorders are increasing and the reason is increased in screen time. Sign are watery eyes, poor vision, and frequent headaches.

The following are the primary causes of these issues:

1. High pollution levels, which cause dirt to accumulate in the eyes.

2. Irritation caused by the use of cosmetics on or above the skin.

3. Prolonged application of electronics causes dryness or unnecessary watering of the eyes.

Foods that can improve your eyesight are

Fennel and almonds

Fennel seeds are often consumed after - meal to aid digestion and relaxation. To prevent early symptoms of eye disease, many people eat a mixture of fennel seeds and almonds. Fennel, also known as saunf, contains antioxidants and nutrients that help to delay the growth of cataracts and improve eye protection. Fennel is known as the "sight plant," while almonds are high in omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and Vitamin E, both of which are beneficial to vision. Almonds aid in the improvement of attention and memory.


Fennel seeds have a high nutritious value.

Dried fennel seeds are a food powerhouse, with little calories and a high concentration of micro and macronutrients. Fennel seeds are often made up of –

Vitamin E , Vitamin C, Vitamin K

Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Selenium, and Iron are all minerals

Polyphenols, for example, are antioxidants.

Fennel seeds are good for our eyes. Fennel contains high in antioxidants and nutrients that help delay the development of cataracts and improve eye protection. Fennel is also known as the "herb of sight." Vitamin A is found in fennel seeds and is essential for eye health. Fennel is versatile and can be used in a number of dishes.

Remedies to improve eyesight with Fennel powder

The main ingredients for greatly improving your eyesight are almonds and fennel seeds. If you want to better your vision, you should try this remedy.

Ingredients are as follows:

1) Seeds of fennel (saunf)


Sugar candy (misri)

Steps to take:

- Mix 1 cup fennel seeds, 8-10 almonds, and 12 cup sugar candy (misri) in a mixing bowl.

- Make a powder out of this mixture.

- Drink this before bedtime, along with a glass of warm milk.

- For best outcomes, consume this for at least a month and a half.

2) Mix 50 gms badaam, 50 gms saunf (fennel seeds), and 10 gms safed mirch together and eat with milk 2 times a day.

The value of Fennel seeds for eyes was discussed in this article. Now it's your turn to put these techniques to work and put an end to your eye issues. Hope you got the whole information of Fennel seeds benefits for eyes.  

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