Maggi Magic Cubes Chicken Masala 40 g Ingredients, price, review & unboxing

Maggi Magic Cubes Chicken Masala 40 g Ingredients, price, review & unboxing

Price: Rs 35

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Brand - Maggi

Type - Chicken Masala

Form Factor - Powder

Quantity - 40 g

Container Type - Pouch

Gourmet - No

Added Preservatives - No

Maximum Shelf Life - 12 Months

Organic - No


INGREDIENTS: Iodised salt, Sugar, Flavour enhancers (621 & 635), Edible vegetable oil, Edible starch, Maltodextrin, Chicken powder (2.1%), Chicken fat (1.0%), Black pepper, Colour (150d) and Acidifying agent (330).er powder, Nutmeg powder and Acidity regulator (330). CONTAINS PERMITTED NATURAL COLOUR AND ADDED FLAVOURS (NATURE IDENTICAL FLAVOURING SUBSTANCES). MAY CONTAIN EGG, MILK SOLIDS AND SOYA.

Additional Features

Other Features

MAGGI Magic Cubes are a one-of-a-kind combination of carefully chosen ingredients, spices, and herbs of the highest quality. These Cubes provide your homemade foods an enticing chicken scent, excellent colour, and deep chicken flavour. They're simple to use and ideal for making tasty chicken curries, soups, fried rice, biryani, and other non-vegetarian foods. Cook MAGGI Magic Cubes Chicken and Taste the Difference!, MAGGI Magic Cubes Vegetarian variation is also available to provide a burst of rich flavour and scent to vegetarian cuisine.

About this item

The ideal spice blend for adding a dash of masala magic to your meal. Adds a deep, rich flavour to practically any vegetarian cuisine.

Curries, rice recipes, and even biryani may all benefit from it.

Maggi Masala Veg Cubes are also available for vegetarian recipes.

How to Use

Take a Maggi Magic Cube and cut it in half.

Crumble the cube and toss it into your dish.

Stir everything together thoroughly.

1 serve 64g.