Mamy Poko Pants Xl Diaper pack Price, Review And Unboxing - Buy Online On Amazon

Mamy Poko Pants Xl Diaper pack Price, Review And Unboxing - Buy Online On Amazon

MamyPoko New Born Baby Extra Absorbent Diapers Pants, XL (66 Pieces)

Price: - Rs 1,039

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Age Range (Description) - Newborn to 3 years

Brand - MamyPoko New

Colour - Multicolor

Material - Cotton

About this item

It has stretchable thigh support to keep urine leaking from the thigh gaps

It's comfortable to use, and the breathable cotton-like cover keeps it cool even when used for long periods of time.

Leakage is prevented by the waistband.

For a relaxed fit, the waistband is flexible and adapts to the movements of the infant.

When an infant is born, new parents must make several choices. Choosing the correct kind of baby diapers is important since a high-quality diaper protects the infant from rashes. A good diaper will keep the baby's skin dry while still nourishing it.

Since a baby's skin is delicate, mothers do not judge a nappie's consistency, comfort, or absorbency level solely based on the packaging, but only after trying it for the first time. Another factor to remember is that there are so many diaper labels on the market that picking the right product for your baby can be difficult. Let's take a look at some of the most important factors to remember when choosing the best diaper for your baby.:


Absorbency is one of the characteristics that parents should remember when buying diapers for their children. This function indicates that the diaper will retain moisture for a long time while still distributing it uniformly to prevent sagginess. A strong absorbing diaper will absorb all of the moisture from the baby's skin. A diaper with insufficient absorbency causes dampness, which can lead to rashes. Mothers should keep an eye on the potential of napkins to make sure that the urine does not pool all at once, which may cause heaviness.

Proper Fitting

The correct diaper size is determined by your baby's size as well as his rate of development. Different labels have different sizes for different age ranges of babies. Parents should ensure that the diaper suits well and does not cause leaks or dampness. Diapers for babies are available on the market that provide good thigh protection to prevent leakages. When the baby is wearing the diaper, mothers should make sure there is a little distance between his or her thighs.


Babies should be at ease with the diapers they are wearing. Mothers should make sure they're made of a soft cloth that won't cause rashes on their children's skin. Because of the low condition of the nappies, babies may get uncomfortable and itchy. The diaper's waistband should be soft enough that no stains or rashes appear on the skin. Parents should buy baby diapers that are U-shaped in the front so that the umbilical cord is not exposed. To keep the skin of the baby gentle, the inner substance of the skin should be smooth.

Overall, a baby's nappy should allow for unrestricted movement. Breathability is also critical since insufficient ventilation can cause skin irritation. Price is also an important consideration, since costly nappies need not be purchased. Parents should purchase diapers from manufacturers that are both affordable and focused on the baby's hygiene. Baby diapers of one's favourite brand can be purchased both online and offline.

Most mothers are worried about leaks or whether the diaper is comfortable enough for their child. Infants miss out on a full night's sleep due to the discomfort that occurs when urine pools within the diaper due to inadequate absorption. They provide extra absorbent pant type diapers in the XL size to make parenthood smoother and give warmth to infants.

The XL (extra-large) style diapers are designed to fit babies weighing between 12 and 17 kilogrammes. Their pant type diapers are made of high-quality fabrics, especially the criss-cross absorbent sheet, which can absorb up to 7 glasses of urine and disperse the liquid uniformly around the diaper. Not only that, but the diapers also have a stretchable thigh support feature that prevents leaks by ensuring that there is no gap between your baby's thigh and the diaper. The advantage of using super absorbent pant type diapers is that children can wear them for up to 12 hours at a time and get uninterrupted sleep.

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Mamy Poko Pants Xl Diaper pack Price, Review And Unboxing - Buy Online On Amazon

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