Misconceptions About Carpet Cleaning

Getting Rid of Carpet Cleaning Myths

The majority of people use vacuum cleaners weekly to clean their carpets. Occasionally, they brush and wet clean them to keep them in good shape. However, this is not enough for carpets to be thoroughly clean and to look as new. For best maintenances and long carpet life, a professional Carpet Cleaning Brighton is necessary. You should give them a call to learn more about the cleaning methods and ways for good protection of your carpets. Some people have certain misconceptions about carpet cleaning, and the following are some of the main ones.  

New carpets do not require professional cleaning. Usually, people buy carpets and then enjoy them in their rooms, without ever thinking about cleaning them. Even new carpets require proper cleaning, protection, and maintenance. Keep in mind that not all dirt is visible to the human eye. Even brand new carpets can be contaminated with particles and allergens that can only be removed with professional cleaning machines. 

Vacuuming is enough for cleaning the carpets. This is another belief that proves to be false. Vacuuming is necessary and good to clean out the dust and some visible dirt, but vacuum cleaners do not have the power to deeply clean the carpet. Inside the carpet, there are all kinds of microorganisms, allergens, and pollutants, which cannot be removed by simply vacuuming the carpet. 

Ordinary shampoos are just as good as professional chemical solutions for cleaning. Shampoos you find in regular stores may be very cheap, but they are not made for carpet cleaning. They are not as effective as professional cleaning solutions. Besides, standard shampoos may damage some delicate carpets. They can discolor them or lower the quality of the fibers. To avoid such things, hire Upholstery Cleaning London services for best results 

Having a cleaning machine eliminates the need of hiring professionals. Some people buy expensive cleaning tools without any previous knowledge of how to use them. You may think you are saving money this way, but you may end up spending a lot more. Powerful cleaning machines should only be handled by professionals who have the knowledge and experience working with them. There are various machines for different types of carpets, so you cannot treat all carpets with the same machine. Avoid wasting money on expensive cleaning machines and hire professional cleaners instead. 

All cleaning methods can damage the carpet except the dry cleaning method. This is also not true, because different carpets require using different methods. Not all carpets can be treated with a dry cleaning method. It can be difficult for an ordinary person to determine which method is ideal for a specific carpet. Instead of guessing such things, call professionals, and they will easily determine this. They have good experience in cleaning all types of carpets, so they will be able to tell you exactly which cleaning method is ideal for your carpets. You will save money, but also energy and time if you call and hire expert carpet cleaners to take care of your carpets.

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