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Nandini Pure Ghee, 1L (Pouch)

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Brand - Nandini

Biological Source - Cow

Package Weight - 0.88 Kilograms

This is a 100% Vegetarian product.

About this item

AG mark ghee

Fresh and delicious flavour

a perfect home Remedy for nausea

Country of Origin: India

Shelf Life

6 months

Nandini Pure Ghee is prepared from cow's milk using traditional methods and adheres to the highest quality requirements. The flavour of purity. This Agmark Special Grade ghee is guaranteed to make cuisines, sweet dishes, Kheers, and sweets taste delicious.

Nandini's Ghee, or clarified butter, is a pure material generated from a simple method that entails boiling the butter and draining the buttermilk at the conclusion of the boiling procedure.


Whey and casein, as well as milk solids like lactose, make up a significant portion of this dairy product. Vitamins A and K are abundant in clarified butter or Ghee, which help to lubricate joints and improve digestive health.

How to Use

Ghee is a superfood that can be found in almost every Indian household. It also provides a dash of delectable flavour to any dish. It's perfect for making the seasoning for curries, dals, and other Indian foods. It's also well-known as a weight-management substance.

Nandini Pure Cow Ghee is made from the freshest butter derived from pure milk, and it's the perfect complement to your dish for a flavorful taste. It has a silky texture that enhances the overall flavour. Your dish will have a mouthwatering scent thanks to the deep scent. The all-natural blend is a terrific source of nutrients to help you stay in shape. All Indian meals may be prepared with this versatile ghee.

Key Features

Fresh and clean with a wonderful flavour made from pure butter

Has a distinctive scent and flavour.

For a real Indian flavour, it's often used in cooking.









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