Raxon Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Classic price, review and unboxing

Raxon Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Classic price, review and unboxing

Automatic Upper arm Blood Pressure Monitor Classic

Buy now - https://amzn.to/3tkJnAZ

Model - BP -01

Key Features

The Automatic Blood pressure monitor is Accurate & Relaible

It comes with a Large LCD

This is a Fully Automatic Monitor

It has a 120 Memories Recall

It comes with an Automatic Power off function

It has a Low Battery Indication

It is super Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Step 1 - Wrap cuff around up arm

Step 2 - Press Start/Stop Button to start testing

Memory Check 

To display previously registered measurements, press the M button.

Net contents

1 Digital Blood pressure Monitor

1 Owner Manual

1 Convenient Carrying Case

1 cuff

4X AA Batteries


One year warranty

Measurement Range

Pressure - ommhg -300mmhg

Pulse - 30 to 180 Beats / Minute

Memory - 120 Memories

Unit Weight - Approx 340 g (12.0.oz) Excluding Battery

Unit Dimensions - Approx 131x102x65mm

Product description

A blood pressure monitor should be used to assess cardiac rhythm as well as peripheral artery tolerance. Blood pressure is an integral aspect of diagnosing diabetes, tracking improvements in state, and evaluating medical outcomes, as we all know. Keeping track of your blood pressure using an automated at-home blood pressure metre is an easy and reliable way to keep track of your numbers and track shifts during the day. A self-monitoring automatic blood pressure monitor also gives the doctor a detailed report of your blood pressure levels over time, which may be useful for patients with elevated blood pressure or other health problems.

This compact and portable automatic home blood pressure monitor makes blood pressure readings on the go a breeze. Blood pressure monitor digital best has a big LCD display that makes it easy to read, and memory settings allow you to save data so you can watch your blood pressure over time. The pulse rate is also measured by the Blood Pressure Monitor with Bp arm cuff.

Using a Bp check system to measure your blood pressure at home will help you better understand your condition and feel more in control of your health. There's no need to guess if the blood pressure is fine. According to WHO guidelines, you will immediately determine if your blood pressure is elevated, lower, or average. The Bp machine for home stores 120 readings. The measurement time will also be reported automatically, making bp monit simple to log. It's best to get three readings and average them out.

Bp system is simple to operate; simply press the start button after wrapping the Bp cuff in a comfortable sitting position, and it will begin to function automatically. Your exact heartbeat, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure, and elevated heart rhythm detection will appear on the big LCD screen of the blood pressure monitor in a matter of seconds and will be stored in memory.

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