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Story at Home foldable portable adjustable multifunction laptop study lapdesk table for breakfast serving bed tray office work gaming watching movie on bed/couch/sofa/floor with cup slot and tablet/ipad/notebook holder stand - Black & Brown

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Price: Rs 989

Dimension: 60 CM X 40 CM X 5 CM

Story at Home Multipurpose Laptop/Portable/Bed Folding Table: Round PVC Edging for Extra Protection, Inbuilt Mobile Stand for Organizing Your Mobile Devices, Aids Multitasking and Productivity

Anti-dust and cleanliness: Without harming the top, a damp Clean Cloth may be used to clean it down.

Portable Elegance: The design and quality are both quite appealing. Legs may be totally folded to making it extremely portable.

Portable Laptop Desk - Work from wherever with this portable laptop desk. Simply fold the desk and you have your own ergonomic workspace. Put it on your lap and work on the sofa, bed, or outside, for example.

About Laptop Table

Sheet with a high density. The card slot has been improved. The lap desk was created with the intention of allowing you to use your laptop, tablet, or book in the most picturesque, relaxing, and revitalising conditions possible.

Multi-purpose desk: Can be used as a laptop desk, a standing desk for office employees, a reader's book tray, a writing desk for youngsters, and a tablet holder.

Environmentally friendly to the core. We use 100% Engineered Wood and handcraft it with great craftsmanship to provide you with a smooth surface desk.

Desk that can be moved around. To make your life more fashionable, use a simple design and green material. A smooth surface bamboo laptop desk may be used for surfing the web, reading books, painting work, enjoying leisure snack time, serving breakfast, enjoying family time......on your bed, sofa, couch, floor, grass, etc./ inside or outdoor.

Products Details:

Use: Laptop Support, Tablet Holder, Writing Desk and Study.

Colour:Black & Brown

Dimension: 60 CM X 40 CM X 30 CM

Very attractive design and finish

No Assembly Required

How do you pick the best study table?

This study table is intended for the following individuals:

The first step in choosing the ideal study table is to figure out who you want to use it for. There are several types of children. Because the purpose of a table is mostly determined by your child's age group, the first step in selecting to purchase foldable tables is to select the age group of the children who will be seated at the table.

For example, if you require a folding wooden table for a child under the age of five, the table will be made precisely for his enjoyment. However, if it is for a child aged 6 to 12, it will be for educational purposes. As a result, while choosing the finest study wooden folding table, the age group is quite important.

Price: Another important thing to consider when purchasing a foldable wooden table is the price range that you are prepared to pay. Identifying your financial capabilities can assist you in locating a reasonably priced table. Otherwise, you could find a great folding table, but the cost will deter you from purchasing it.

Ideal table Size (Right Size): When purchasing a foldable hardwood table, another factor to consider is the suitable size. You may wind up with the wrong table if it is too little or too large. As a result, you must choose which size would best fit your home and suit the function for which you are purchasing it.

The use of colour

Certain folks are also concerned with the table's colour. As a result, while choosing the correct wooden folding table for your child, colour plays an important role. If your children have a favourite colour, it will influence the table you choose.

Intended table position: Another factor that influences the selection of a Foldable wooden table is the table's expected placement. If you intend to keep this table on the balcony, you should choose a table that will fit on the balcony and adapt to your patio.

If you're going to keep it in the dining room, you'll probably want to keep it around one or two so you can save a lot of food on the table. Other features like as simple cleanability and rust resistance are also important when choosing a table for the eating area because it's possible that your child may spill food on it.

Aside from that, if you want to keep it in your bedroom, you'll need a table that can both support your laptop and serve as a table for the lamp. As a result, the projected location has a significant influence on the suitable wooden table.

Because you are purchasing this table for your children, it is critical that you consider the technique that your youngster prefers. Boys sometimes believe that pink hues or dolls on a table indicate girls, and they dislike having such tables. These pink doll tables could be everything the girls want. As a result, it is essential to keep these considerations in mind while selecting a folding wooden table for your children.


We Indians don't put a lot of faith in anything. We opt for a long-lasting product with a warranty or guarantee so that we may replace it if it fails to meet our expectations. This desire also guides our quest for the perfect wooden folding table for our children. As a result, the warranty or guarantee that comes with the table influences your decision.


















































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