Top 20 House Warming Gifts ideas for Ceremony, function, griha pravesh with price

20 best housewarming gifts to make the occasion special

Top 20 House Warming Gifts ideas for Ceremony, function, griha pravesh with price

Gifts are one of the best ways to reflect your feelings and warm wishes for another person. Giving a gift at a housewarming celebration is one of the best ways to share warm wishes with the new house owners. But sometimes, it becomes challenging to figure out the best housewarming gift. If you want to help a friend or family member start a new home, this gifting guide will help you find the perfect present. It's a way to show your love for a new homeowner as they begin a new chapter in their lives. So, this article will look into the list of top 20 housewarming gifts that are both professional and personal and that too at a reasonable price. These twenty Gift ideas will be best for House Warming and make the day special.

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List of House Warming Gifts ideas for Ceremony, function, griha pravesh with price

List of top 20 housewarming gifts: 

Finding the ideal gift is difficult. You want to get something that that is perfect housewarming gift and something that the new householder can use it. All Would Appreciate These Stylish and Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts. It is a perfect way to catch the excitement of a new home and make residents feel at ease in a different environment. 

Potted money plant

Potted money plant :Buy now -

A plant is one of the best gifts for a housewarming ceremony. It is believed that it brings wealth and fortune. The pot is also available in many kinds like mint, terracotta, cream, black, etc., which matches their house interior and aesthetic. They are attractive, add to the room's décor, and are long-lasting gifts. It also does the work of filtering the air and rising oxygen supply, this air purifying plant is one of the best plants for energising the home.

Price: Rs 325

Round memo board: Buy now -

Another beautiful gift choice for a housewarming ceremony is around the memo board. This clipboard features a rounded silhouette and allows the owner to fit his pictures and hang them on the wall through a hanging leather strap. This memo board is the kind of gift that everyone needs but doesn't think to buy for themselves.

Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug:  Buy now -

A personalized coffee mug is one of the best gifts for coffee enthusiasts. You can add a picture of your friend (or the receiver of the gift) and give warm wishes for their new home.

Price: Rs 249

Floral bouquet diffuser
Floral bouquet diffuserBuy now -

This floral bouquet diffuser is a great gift to add fragrance to their new home. This diffuser works even if candles burn out. The diffuser allows the owner to change the fragrance oil according to the season. Every time they'll smell the beautiful fragrance, they'll be reminded of you. 

Price: Rs 390

'Yay it's you' doormat
Come in we are Awesome:  Buy now -

Another valuable gift that will always remind them of you is this beautiful doormat. Every time they come home; the words written on the doormat will keep your memories afresh in their mind. You can also choose to report any other words, as per your wish.

Price: Rs 499

Microwave rice cooker

Microwave rice cooker:  Buy now -

Another valuable gift for the new owner is this microwave rice cooker. The range prepares tasty rice in just 15 min. It's the perfect gift if your friend or the other person likes rice a lot or if he does not have time to invest time in cooking. As it will help reduce the need for takeout and junk food.

Price: Rs 5,499

Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp:  Buy now -

This multipurpose lamp enhances the beauty of any aesthetics. This tabletop-friendly lamp is prepared from Himalayan salt and gives a pink glow to your room. Himalayan salt lamps are one of the most common products.

Price: Rs 997 

Custom House portrait:  Buy now -

Custom house portrait is one of the best housewarming gifts that will enhance the beauty of their walls. 

Return address stamp:  Buy now -

This beautiful address stamp with handwritten letters is a memorable gift for any housewarming occasion. If your friend or the person who's going to receive this gift likes to keep memories of every special occasion, then this personalized address stamp with their name and address is the perfect gift. 

Custom new home wine label: Buy now -

It's a custom in some countries to celebrate the happiness of your new home with champagne or wine. So, for your friends who like wine, this customized new home wine label is a memorable gift. 

Magnetic key holder

Magnetic key holderBuy now -

With a new home, comes the new keys. Then why not gift this beautiful magnetic key holder? This cherry wooden magnetic keyboard is an excellent gift for a habitual key loser. Additionally, you can give them some pretty keychains to congratulate them on their new home. 

Price: Rs 249

Marbled cheeseboard and chopping board

Marbled cheeseboard and chopping board:  Buy now -

A new house creates a desire for new crockery. If your friend is fond of hosting parties and cheese nights, this marbled cheese board and a chopping board paired with cheese knives will be a fantastic gift.

Pric: Rs 699

Air Fryer: Top 20 House Warming Gifts ideas for Ceremony, function, griha pravesh with price

Air fryer:  Buy now -

Electrical appliances are an absolute necessity. If your friend is a fitness freak and a big foody, then this air fryer is a must for your friend. It gives a healthy fast food treat. This air fryer is best for tea-time snacks without compromising health. So, you can be sure that whenever they make something on this air fryer, they don't forget to remember you for this excellent electrical appliance. Consider giving them appliances that reduce physical labour and aid in the preparation of nutritious foods.

Price - Rs 4,590

Coffee maker

Coffee maker:  Buy now -

A coffee maker is an excellent gift for coffee fanatics. It will give a fresh cup of coffee to your friends. You can pair this maker with a coffee mug set for a more enriching effect. 

Price: Rs 13,899

Automatic vacuum cleaner: Buy now -

With a new home comes some new responsibilities. So, make their work easy with this robotic vacuum cleaner that easily cleans all the unreachable areas. This durable gift will be convenient for the new house owners. 

Floral vases

Floral vases:  Buy now -

Floral vases are adorning gifts for their bookshelves and windowsills. The floral design on the vase goes well with all the aesthetics. Every time they change the flowers, they'll be reminded of you. Make sure to add their favorite flowers in this floral vase to give a more distinctive look. 

Price - Rs 289

Wood Spice rack:  Buy now -

Besides adorning the interior of their rooms, you can also gift them this sleek and straightforward wood Spice rack that will make their kitchen stylish. It will help them to keep their kitchen organized in their new home. 

Handmade Tassel detail basket:  Buy now -

Handmade baskets not only enhance the beauty of their home but very handy. They can use it for storing their extra pillows, toys, laundry, etc. 

A beautiful Bowl set

A beautiful Bowl set:  Buy now -

A beautiful Bowl set that they can pull over when any guest also comes as a handy gift. You can also give any other crockery set. 

Price - RS 389

Music streaming speakers- Buy now -

These music streaming speakers are a fabulous way to impress your party-loving friends. These speakers are known for compact size but a robust sound system. They will make any party awesome. Even if it's a housewarming party, these music streaming speakers are sure to create buzz. 


In this article, we saw the top twenty housewarming gifts that you can get in your budget and create a memorable experience for the receiver. There are many options based on different preferences. Make sure to know the importance and tastes of the new house owners to give the best gift to them. This answers all your question about which house warming gift you should buy with the article Top 20 House Warming Gifts ideas for Ceremony, function, griha pravesh with price.

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Top 20 House Warming Gifts ideas for Ceremony, function, griha pravesh with price

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