Best jaggery (gur) powder benefits & uses for health, hair, skin with price buy online

Jaggery (gur) powder benefits & uses for health, hair, skin

Best jaggery (gur) powder benefits & uses for health, hair, skin with price buy online

Gur (jaggery) is one of the most common items in Indian households. It is used in various items traditionally and in the diet as well. But it is losing significance due to the prominence of sugar in the market. But we tend to ignore the immense health benefits associated with jaggery. Jaggery, commonly called gur is made from sugarcane can give several benefits to your health, hair, skin etc. It is therefore the best substitute for regular sugar. So, in this article, we are going to tell you Jaggery Health benefits (Gur health benefits). We will see how consuming jaggery can help in hair growth, skin glow and strengthening of other body parts. Then we will look into the various uses of jaggery for getting these benefits. 

But before that, let's see how jaggery is made. 

How is jaggery prepared? 

Jaggery is prepared from Sugarcane and is used widely in the Indian subcontinent. In southern areas, where sugarcane is not so abundant, it is made from coconut extracts. Jaggery's color can vary from brown to golden color because of the difference in refinement. It is known by different names in different regions like Gur in India, Panela in Colombia, Gula Melaka in Indonesia, and Kokuto in Japan. But according to research 70% of the world's consumption of gur takes place in India only. 

Three processes are used for making jaggery (gur) as mentioned below: 

  1. Firstly, sugarcane, coconut or palm or whatever material manufacturer uses for making sugarcane is pressed hard by machines or manually. This leads to the extraction of sap or sweet juice from these canes and palms.
  2. In the next step, this sap or juice is poured into large containers. By pouring them into large containers, producers try to clarify and separate any sediments. These sediments then deposit in the bottom of the large vessel. Then this sap is strained. After straining, producers get a clear liquid.
  3. The final step is to concentrate on the refined solution to extract gur. So, this refined mixture is then placed in a very large pan for boiling. This leads to the concentration of the jaggery and you get a yellow dough-like paste in the top while impurities settle in the bottom. 

After obtaining the yellow colored dough, it is transferred into various molds and containers and allowed to cool at room temperature. Then you get the final gur, which is sold in the market and available at our homes. 

The Top Brands

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Best jaggery (gur) powder benefits & uses for health, hair, skin with price buy online

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Jaggery Health benefits (Gur health benefits). 

Jaggery commonly called would give several health benefits as mentioned below: 

A source of various minerals: 

According to a study, jaggery contains several minerals like magnesium, calcium, Phosphorus iron, potassium, zinc, copper, riboflavin, thiamin, niacin etc. It also contains several antioxidants that provide immense benefits to the body. 

Boosts digestion: 

Jaggery or gur plays an important role in digestion. Jaggery has higher mineral content than regular sugar. Therefore, Ayurveda prescribes replacing sugar with gur (jaggery) to get a natural sweetener without any side effects. One must therefore eat jaggery after taking meals because jaggery helps release several digestive enzymes that aid in digestion. Jaggery is very helpful for those people who are suffering from constipation and other digestive problems. It can cure constipation, a situation of hard feces if taken after meals. 

Helpful in body cleaning:

According to research jaggery helps cleanse the body because of its antioxidant properties. It is believed that it can clean the respiratory system by washing away the mucus and therefore, strengthens the functioning of the lungs. Therefore, jaggery plays an important role in detoxifying the body. 

Helpful in curing Anemia and providing immediate energy:

Anaemia, which is a disease caused by a deficiency of iron in the body, can be cured by consuming it because it contains iron and phosphorus. These nutrients help in the formation of hemoglobin and anemia is cured. Therefore, if you want to overcome an iron deficiency in your body, do include Gur or jaggery in your diet. 

Jaggery gives you instant energy because it has carbohydrates. This energy remains in the body for a longer duration than regular sugar. So, you can prevent fatigue and body weakness. Just make sure that you consume a moderate amount of jaggery. 

Boosts immunity: 

Jaggery is also effective in boosting immunity. This is because it contains various healthy nutrients and is also helpful in the detoxification of the body. Due to its role in boosting immunity, it is openly commended for use in winters to prevent cold, flu or fever. Jaggery is known for providing heat to the body which in turn prevents flu-like symptoms. 

Also, antioxidants, zinc and selenium found in jaggery help in promoting body immunity by enhancing the resistance of the body against infections. 

Maintaining Glucose level and helps in weight loss:

Another major benefit of consuming jaggery is that it maintains the glucose level of the body. Therefore, it gives instant energy to the body. You can use it in your diet instead of sugar and prevent obesity and weight gain. Due to nutrients present in your jaggery, your stomach feels full and your cravings are controlled. This helps you to control your weight. 

Jaggery is also effective in weight loss because it helps in metabolism and balancing electrolytes. The presence of potassium in jaggery retains water in the body and helps in boosting weight loss. 

Boosts liver functioning and joint pain

Jaggery can play an active role in boosting the functioning of the liver. Since jaggery naturally detoxifies the body, the load on the liver is reduced. This helps in better detoxification of the body but improves liver functioning. Therefore, experts recommend at least one piece of gur for body detoxification and strengthening your liver. 

Similarly, jaggery is effective in preventing joint pain. According to experts, consuming jaggery can provide a lot of relief in joint pain and aches. 

Helpful in menstrual pain:

Jaggery can also help in painful menstruation. It helps relieve the cramps during menstruation because of its rich nutrients. It can also help in preventing mood swings during the period because when you consume them, they release endorphins, which are known for preventing several menstrual problems. 

Intestine health booster:

Jaggery is also known for boosting intestine health. The high magnesium content found in jaggery strengthens the intestine and whole digestive system. According to a study, if you take 10gm of jaggery you give 16 mg of Magnesium to your body. In this way, you can fulfil the deficiency of this mineral. 

The cure to respiratory problems and blood pressure:

Jaggery (Gur) is also effective in curing respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis etc. If you eat jaggery with sesame seeds you can see wonderful results on your respiratory system. Similarly, it is effective for blood pressure patients. Since we know that jaggery is a rich source of sodium and potassium, it can help in preventing high acid levels in the body. If the acid level is controlled, you can control your high blood pressure. 

Jaggery for hair:

Jaggery gives several unknown hair benefits. According to a study, it can give you shiny and silky hair if you use it daily. By using jaggery for your hair you can get dandruff and frizz-free hairs. The various nutrients present in jaggery nourish your hair and scalp and reduce dryness. Also, it kills the bacteria in your hairs and promotes hair growth. So, you should use jaggery for ensuring proper hair growth for getting healthy, silky and shiny hair 

Jaggery for skin: 

Do you know that jaggery is helpful for skin glow? Yes, according to experts, jaggery can help in preventing premature ageing due to the presence of antioxidants. It can also prevent the free radicals in the skin and prevent skin problems. Since it is a natural product, it is preferred over cosmetics. Jaggery is known for reducing skin wrinkles, which rejuvenates your skin. 

So, if you want to reduce skin acne and pimples and glow your skin, include jaggery in your diet. 

Due to all the above-mentioned benefits jaggery has been used as ayurvedic medicine for ages. 

Jaggery Uses

Once you know the immense benefits of jaggery in your diet the next step is to consume it. You can use jaggery for different purposes as mentioned below:

For curing cough and flu in winters:

To use jaggery for curing flu and cough, mix gur with a glass of warm water and drink the solution. If you don't want to drink it like this, you can mix it with your tea and get additional benefits. 

Use during summers:

You can soak jaggery in ice cold water and make a jaggery sharbat. If you drink this beverage, you will feel cool during summer. 

Using it for curing joint pain: 

Since we know that jaggery helps cure joint pain let's see how you can use it effectively for joint pain reduction. According to doctors, you should take a piece of jaggery with ginger. This will help in reducing joint pains. 

Another method is to consume jaggery with a glass of milk daily. This powerful combination of jaggery and milk will help in curing your joint pain. This will also strengthen your bones and prevent problems like Arthritis. 

Using jaggery for skincare: 

To get immense skin benefits from jaggery, take two spoons of honey, one spoon of lemon juice and two spoons of crushed jaggery in a bowl. Mix these ingredients and make a paste. Now apply this paste to your acne and dark areas of the face. You will see wonderful results if you use this paste daily. The best part about this jaggery paste is that you can store it and use it later also. 

Using jaggery for hair: 

To get shiny dandruff free hair using jaggery, you can make a hair mask of jaggery. To make this mask, take 2 spoons of Multani mitti, some yogurt and 2 spoons of jaggery powder. Mix these ingredients and make a paste. Use this paste to give your hair a massage in a round motion. Keep this paste for some time and then wash with shampoo and water. By applying this paste every week, you will get silky and shiny hair. 

Besides this, jaggery is also used in making several sweets like Shakarpara, google, mithi puri etc. Various traditional dishes like jaggery cakes, Sakkarai Pongal etc. are made from this beneficial gur by mixing it with different ingredients like rice, milk, coconut, etc. In this way, you can get health benefits without compromising on taste.

Some tips to remember while purchasing jaggery:

You can get jaggery easily in the market. But make sure that it is 100% natural so that you get high health benefits. One should check on the pack if any preservatives or chemicals are added in jaggery. You can get jaggery in cube form in the market besides loose jaggery pieces. If you are buying it in a loose form, make sure to buy from a trusted supplier. By checking the organic certification, tag on jaggery you can ensure that jaggery is natural. 

Precautions while using jaggery:

Jaggery is very beneficial for health but there are always certain things that you should keep in mind. According to experts, one should not consume an excessive quantity of jaggery because at the end of the day it is sweet and can lead to different problems. This excessive sweetness is very harmful to sugar patients. So, make sure you take only the required quantity of jaggery in your diet. 

Rounding up: 

Jaggery, which is made from sugarcane and used commonly in households is a source of various nutrients. Given so many benefits, Jaggery for health must be consumed. Jaggery gives energy to the body and is, therefore, a good sugar substitute. It helps in strengthening almost every body part from immunity to respiratory function and digestive system. It can also play a role in skin and health benefits. Therefore, experts recommend including jaggery in your diet. There are various ways in which you can use jaggery like beverage form, sweets, or in the form of paste for hair and skin. So, to get immense health benefits from jaggery or gut make sure to include it in your diet and daily use. But one thing that you must ensure while consuming jaggery is that you don't take more than the required quantity.

Hope you got all information about Best Jaggery (gur) powder Brand For health, hair, skin. If you have any questions about Best Jaggery (gur) powder Brand For for health, hair, skin With Price article - please leave a message below do lets us know which Jaggery (gur) powder did you find useful. 

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