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A Baby Cherry Bib 21st Century Waterproof Silicone Bib for feeding infants and toddlers (6M to 5 Yr)

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21st CENTURY BIB – A Baby Cherry Bibs are constructed of the best grade silicone and are machine washable. Cotton bibs absorb liquids and drool, becoming contagious and potentially causing illnesses and stomach pain. Our baby bib will keep your youngster clean and healthy.

MONEY SAVINGS - Each box contains two bibs. One silicone bib lasts longer than 10 - 15 fabric bibs combined, saving water and money in the long run. Don't spend money by buying only once. They are excellent bibs for newborns and are suitable for both boys and girls.

SAVE FOOD -> ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The ergonomic pocket design collects fallen food and liquids, allowing you to save the time and effort you spend into preparing the greatest meals for your young champion. The pocket stays open, allowing you to save time cleaning up after dinner. They are food aprons for babies and make excellent baby bibs for children from 6 to 12 months.

- QUALITY – Our bibs have been tested and approved to the highest of standards. It is constructed of food-grade silicone and is toxin-free. The cloth has a silky feel to it, and the holes in the strap have been strengthened. It's a great silicon bib for a one-year-old infant who needs a waterproof bib for eating.

- MONEY BACK GUARANTEE OF 100% – You don't like it, do you? There is no need to be concerned. There will be no trouble with a refund.

A Baby Cherry Silicone Bib

Why do our pretty little bibs fall behind in the twenty-first century, when every product and service we know is evolving? It's past time to make a difference. A Baby Cherry Silicone Bib, the bib of this generation, is presented to you.

We all know that we can't expect our kid to eat without making a mess during mealtime. Isn't it common to see people wriggling, complaining, and rolling food around? Making a bib that can collect crumb spills, drips, leaks, and cover your toddler's clothing, as well as having a light food catcher that stays open, are all important considerations when designing our bibs.

The best lunchtime option is a Baby Cherry waterproof silicone bib. Our silicone bibs are water-resistant and simple to clean. Simply wipe down with warm soapy water to clean our bibs. The button and hole closure enables for a wide range of sizes to grow with your child. Phthalate-free, BPA-free, and PVC-free.

What makes the silicone bibs from A Baby Cherry so special?

Material of Excellent Quality

If you're looking for bibs that can protect your baby's skin and clothes below, are easy to clean, and are comfortable for him to wear, our bibs can help. They're composed of 100% safe silicone and can be wiped clean with ease. The skin of your infant is protected with a super soft, food-grade material.

Perfect Bib Size

A bib covering should not be too little; if it is, the garment below will be ruined. Our silicone bib features a wider spill pocket than other types, allowing it to cover your baby's whole chest and shoulders while remaining open regardless of how much he or she moves.

Not All Silicon is created Equal



Super Soft

Stain Free

BPA Free


We believe in the happiness of our children.

A Baby Cherry is a rapidly expanding business that specialises on easy-to-use baby items. To give comfort and satisfy demands, we create and supply high-quality mom & baby items in the worldwide market.

It's not easy to keep your infant clean when he or she is feeding. Moms and parents are always frustrated by the baby's sloppy feeding habits. However, with the correct bib on hand, cleanup is quick, simple, and even enjoyable. We created this silicone bib after doing extensive study and finding it to be the best for the majority of parents. It's not only easy to clean, but it also absorbs even the heaviest food spills and won't pressure the baby's chest or belly, making it more pleasant to wear.

Easy to Clean

Waterproof and stain-resistant. Simply wash it away with soapy or other detergent water.

There is no need to worry. There is no strain on Baby's neck.

Because our bib is light (about 4 oz), the infant will not feel overburdened.

Neckline that may be adjusted

Design with Adjustable Buttons

Four distinct sizes are available to accommodate the needs of various age groups of newborns and young children. Fit for children from six months to five years.More Skin Friendly Made with a superior 100% Food-Grade Silicone that is free of BPA and PVC, safe for your baby's skin, and does not irritate it.

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