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Britannia Bread - 100 Percent Whole Wheat, 450g Pack

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Brand - Britannia

Model Name - 100%

Quantity - 450 g

Type - Whole Wheat Bread

Classification - Sandwich Bread

Container Type - Pouch

Maximum Shelf Life - 5 Days

Food Preference - Vegetarian

Britannia 100% Whole Wheat Bread

About the Product

This bread is made entirely of whole wheat grains and is low in saturated fat as well as a rich source of fibre.

It's best when it's done right, whether you live to eat or eat to live. Britannia's healthful and tasty bread is packed with the nutrients your body need to stay healthy and happy.


Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Sugar, Oil, Salt, Improvers.

Key Features

Made from 100% whole wheat 

Contains zero trans fat

loaded with the Goodness of whole grains

How to Use

Ready to eat.











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