DMart Healthy Choice Unpolished Chana Dal 1 kg packet with price

Price - Rs 123

Brand - DMart

Type - Chana Dal

Form - Split

Model Name - Unpolished Chana Dal

Polished - No

Item Weight - 1000 Grams

Temperature Rating - Ambient: Room Temperature

This is a 100% Vegetarian product.

Key Features of the Product

Dmart healthy choice unpolished chana Dal have a delectable flavour and are high in nutrients. 

Chana dal is high in dietary fibre and naturally high in protein.

Unpolished: It is not artificially polished with water, grease, or leather, but it retains its natural goodness and wholesomeness.

You can make a host of yummy recipes with Dmart healthy choice unpolished chana Dal, from mouthwatering snacks to the ultimate comfort dish, dal-chawal. Chana dal is a high-protein food that is simple to cook and tasty to consume. Furthermore, these lentils are not polished during fermentation, ensuring that each pack retains their natural flavour and nutritional value.

Delicious and nutritious

Chana dal is a delectable way to eat nutritious and meet your everyday protein requirements. This chana dal can be used in a variety of dishes, including your favourite dal-chawal and tasty pakoras.

Protein and Dietary Fiber Quality

This chana dal is rich in protein and dietary fibre, which aids in the maintenance of a stable, balanced diet.

No artificial polishing.

This chana dal hasn't been polished artificially, but it has the natural flavour and nutritious value of unpolished chana dal.

High-quality Lentils

This chana dal goes through a five-step purification procedure to ensure standardised, high-quality dal grains.

Vitamins, minerals, essential oils, and enzymes abound.

Country of Origin: India

Best before 4 months from Packaging

Store in a cool and dry place


















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