Everest Tikhalal Chilli / Red Mirch Powder price 100g Pouch - Best Red mirchi or chilli powder

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Price: Rs 40

Brand - Everest

Item Weight - 100 Grams

Package Weight - 0.09 Kilograms

Item Form- Powdered

About this item

Has a bright red color

It's used to spice up or add heat to meals.

Country of Origin: India

About the Product

The fiery flavour of Indian food may be compared to the paprika-laced Mexican cuisine that puts your taste buds on fire! Everest is a brand that is well-known for high-quality spices and spice blends. This spice mix incorporates the spicy power of red chilies, which are well-known in India!


Everest Tikhalal Powder is made out of roasted, dried, and powdered red chillies that give any meal a kick. This pack is vacuum packed, and the prisoners are prepared according to the highest standards. Chilli selection is also done with great care and attention to detail.

How to Use

Use a pinch of this powder to provide a spicy undertone to even the most boring of dishes. This powder may also be used to season food while it's cooking. It's also a well-known fact that this spice is used in Indian curries!

A fine-ground chilli powder with a great colour and pungency balance.

Chilli is a spicy spice that comes in a variety of forms, sizes, colours, and pungency levels. Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and a few more states cultivate Indian chillies.

Internationally, the very spicy 'Guntur' and the slightly pungent 'Byadgi' chilies are regarded as the best in quality.


- Chillies are utilised in Indian cuisine for their spicy flavour and crimson colour. 

- Red chillies mixed with coconut give curry a solid structure.

- Chilies are high in vitamin C and are helpful for digestion.













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