Hybro Fresh Deli Brown Eggs Pack of 6 price, review and unboxing

Price - Rs 99


This is a Non-vegetarian product.

Eggs are High in protein

These eggs are antibiotic free

There is No artificial colours used

Product description

Hybro Fresh Deli Brown Eggs are farm fresh and come from organic chickens raised in a natural setting. They have a dense yolk that is light yellow-orange in colour and has a good flavour. Nutrition, vitamins A and D, calcium, and iron are all abundant in brown eggs. Before they hit your doorstep, delicious eggs: - are hormone and antibiotic free - are washed and hygienically packaged.

Farm fresh Brown Eggs from Hybro Fresh Deli come from healthy chickens raised in a natural environment and are 100 percent authentic. They have a thick yolk with a strong flavour and a bright yellow-orange colour. Brown eggs are high in nutrition, vitamins A and D, calcium, and iron. Since they come from chickens that haven't been given any artificial hormones, these organic eggs are a better choice. Brown eggs are famous for their nutritious benefits, but they can also be used in omelettes or as boiled eggs on a regular basis. So, order Brown Eggs online from Hybro Fresh Deli and get a fresh pack delivered to your door.

Country Eggs from Hybro Fresh Deli are 100 percent new and free range, coming from organic country chickens raised in a natural climate. A Country Egg's distinguishing characteristic is its eggshell, which can vary in colour from off-white to medium brown. Country eggs are known to be better than other eggs in terms of quality because they come from chickens who have not been injected with artificial hormones. These eggs have a slight flavour and are high in protein and vitamins. These eggs work well in curries and boiled-egg dishes. With only a few taps, you can now order authentic Country Eggs from Hybro Fresh Deli.

Best before 7 days

No. of Pieces 6




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