In India health insurance is a must: Here are 5 reasons why?

Health insurance in India has become an essential tool in nearly every household. This is because all types of medical healthcare are expensive, particularly in the private sector. More often than not, hospitalisation burns a hole in the pockets of individuals and severely impacts one's finances. All the burden of treatment costs can be negated with a suitable and affordable health insurance policy.

In India health insurance is a must: Here are 5 reasons why?

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The recent Covid-19 pandemic has also highlighted the need and importance of healthcare in our daily lives, with an unprecedented number of country cases. Even before the pandemic, modern lifestyle routines such as unhealthy eating habits, long hours at work, and inadequate sleep commonly lead to various health complications.

Here are some of the reasons explained why Health Insurance in India is a must for all households - 

Common Lifestyle Illnesses

Lifestyle diseases are more prevalent than ever, particularly among people under the age of 45 Conditions like diabetes, obesity, respiratory issues, and heart diseases, all common among senior citizens, are now rampant in the youth. Some contributing factors that lead to these diseases include an inactive lifestyle, stress, pollution, gadget usage, and undisciplined lives. 

While adhering to prudent measures can help fight and manage these diseases, an adverse incident can be hard to cope with on a financial level. Health insurance in India covers regular medical tests that can assist in dealing with these illnesses early and make it simpler to handle medical expenses, leaving you with one less burden to stress over. 

To Protect your Family

When searching for an ideal health insurance plan, choosing to secure one’s entire family under a common policy rather than buying unique policies is a convenient route. It is wise to consider ageing parents, who are prone to illnesses, along with financially dependent children. Ensuring that they get the best medical treatment in the case of an emergency would no longer be a worry if you have a suitable health cover. In India health insurance research can be started by collecting expert advice for an informed and unbiased opinion.

Medical Inflation 

As medical technology evolves and diseases rise, the cost of treatment increases as well. Also, one must note that medical expenses are not limited to hospitals only. The expenses incurred for a doctor's appointment, diagnosis tests, ambulance costs, operation costs, medicines, accommodation, etc., are also consistently rising. All of these can result in a considerable strain on finances without adequate preparation. By paying an affordable health insurance premium annually, one can eradicate the burden of medical inflation while opting for reliable treatment without worrying about the economic effects.

Save Money

In India health insurance is highly sought after due to its main purpose - saving money. A suitable health insurance policy allows individuals to better manage medical expenditure without drawing from one’s savings. Some insurance providers provide the service of cashless treatment, which eliminates the hassle of arranging reimbursements either. Savings can be used for their intended long-term plans, such as buying property, children’s education and retirement. Additionally, health insurance results in tax benefits as well, which further boosts savings.

Preventive Measure

Availing of health insurance early on has myriad benefits. At a young age, one can avail plans at lower rates. Additionally, individuals will be offered extensive coverage options. Nearly all policies have a pre-existing waiting period which does not include coverage of pre-existing illnesses. This period will end at a relatively young age, thus giving the insured the benefit of exhaustive coverage that will prove useful later on in life.

Health insurance in India is an indispensable requirement in today's dynamic lifestyle. Protecting yourself and your loved ones from any contingency that could result in a financial burden is a must. For instance, Care Health Insurance offers extensive coverage and an array of benefits that can guarantee financial security.

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