Johnson Baby Massage Oil With Vitamin E 100Ml For Skin, Hair, Body, Ingredients Price - Best Uses, Small Pack Price

Johnson Baby Massage Oil With Vitamin E 100Ml For Skin, Hair, Body, Ingredients Price - Best Uses, Small Pack Price

Johnson's Baby Oil with Vitamin E (100ml)

Price: - Rs 80

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Item Form - Oil

Brand - Johnson's

Skin Type - Dry

Skin Tone - All

Age Range - Newborn and up

Item Volume - 100 Millilitres

About this item

Perfume oil that is non-sticky and has a light scent.

Vitamin E is present.

There is no irritation to the baby's sensitive skin.

It is clinically confirmed to be mild and gentle.

This oil is dermatologist tested and also tested for Alllergy.

Every Johnson's product goes through a five-step quality assurance procedure.

What if I told you that Your baby's skin loses moisture twice as quickly as an adult's and is more prone to dryness. Johnson's Baby Oil with Vitamin E is designed specifically for newborns. Its delicate composition hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft. Clinically proved gentle, Johnson's Baby Oil has a lovely floral aroma that keeps newborns smelling fresh and pleasant for longer.

It has a light scent that lingers for a long time. Furthermore, it is non-sticky. As a result, your lovely little angel will be at ease. The soft Johnson's Baby Oil makes it simple to provide your baby with loving nutrition, and your touch helps to stimulate her senses, which is important for her happy and healthy growth. Johnson's is trusted by moms because it's dependably mild, delicate, and effective.

What Makes JOHNSON'S Baby Food the Best?

JOHNSON'S combines 120 years of experience with cutting-edge scientific research. All of our products have the TRIPLE BABY PROTECTION label, indicating that they are safe, gentle, and effective for use on a baby's skin and hair. That is what has earned us the title of Best For Baby in 173 countries.

New material takes an average of one year to qualify for usage. 15 global regulatory criteria are met or exceeded by the products.

Skin irritation, allergic response, exposure to sunlight, and efficacy were all evaluated in clinical trials.

We have advanced 90 percent of all papers and scientific material on baby's skin.

About JOHNSON’S baby oil with vitamin E

Your baby's skin loses moisture twice as quickly as yours does, making it more prone to dryness.

That's why JOHNSON'S baby oil with vitamin E has been particularly prepared to hydrate and soften her skin.

Massage time suggestions

Pick a moment when your baby is calm, not hungry, and not irritable.

Make sure the environment is comfortable and the lighting isn't too harsh. Play some soothing music in the background.

Have everything you'll need on hand, including oil, a towel, diapers, and clothing.

Remove your jewellery and wash your hands.

When your baby is unwell or has recently been immunised, avoid stroking her since the injection site may still be uncomfortable.

Every component of JOHNSON'S baby hair oil has a unique function.

To aid in the preservation of product thickness  Mineral Oil is used.

To create that one-of-a-kind JOHNON'S baby scent, a aromatic fragrance is used.

To moisturize the skin and hair, Acetate of tocopherol (Vitamin E Acetate) is used.

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