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Almost every one of us likes to stay updated with the current happenings. While we have several newspapers like the Hindu, the Indian express, economic Times, etc., for national and international events, they fail to cover entertainer news. The entertainment industry is one of the largest industries worldwide. The big-name and fame associated with this industry make it one of the most popular genres among readers. 

Few websites offer exclusive entertainment news related to African American entertainment industry. One of the most popular websites to get breaking news about African American entertainment industry is Mediatakeout. 

Also known as MTO news, mediatakeout is one of the most popular websites among American entertainment newsreaders. This website attracts traffic daily and is ahead of its competitors in various aspects. But we hardly know the journey behind this excellent news comes gossip blog website, Mediatakeout. So, in this article, we will tell you all the details about Mediatakeout. 

Mediatakeout: overview

Type: Entertainment news website 

Founder: Fred Mwangaguhunga

Founding year: Jan 2006. 

Headquarter: MediaTakeOut’s headquarters are situated at 1302 W 24th St, Kearney, Nebraska, 68845, United States. 

Employees: 36. 

Revenue: seven Million Dollar

Top competitors: 

Rolling out 

The Root

The Grio

Moguldom Media Group LLC 

What is Media Take out? 

Mediatakeout is an entertainment and celebrity news website. You will get the latest gossip about African American celebrities in blog-style content on this website. All the news is available in the English language. If you want to stay updated on the current trends and news of the American entertainment industry, then you need a subscription plan for this website. The website guarantees exclusive entertainment content and that too before all other Competitor websites. 

Founder of Mediatakeout: Fred Mwangaguhunga

The credit for creating this gossip website, Mediatakeout, goes to a corporate lawyer named Fred Mwangaguhunga. He established this blog cum news website in Jan 2006. Fred was born in Washington DC. His parents originally belonged to Uganda. Fred completed his graduation from John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York. 

Why was Mediatakeout launched? 

When an interviewer asked Fred Mwaganghua about starting this website, Fred told his life journey in the interview. 

Fred said that he was the owner of a web-based laundry service called Laundry Spa. The business model is simple. The clients would log into the website, specify a pickup and delivery time for laundry, and ask their favorite fragrance to add to clothes. After getting all the details, Fred and his laundry service would pick up the laundry clothes and, after washing and adding fragrance, returned them. 

He said that his business was going well, but after publishing a blog about 'laundry spa' on the Daily Candy blog site, they saw tremendous business growth. In this way, he came to know the value of blocks for business and decided to invest. After some time, he decided to sell his laundry spa business and venture into a blog business to try his luck. 

Initial costs of setting up a blog business: 

Red reveals that he spent almost $19.99 on the Yahoo account and about $7.99 on the domain name to set up his blog website. He decided to put in efforts for the organic growth of this blog cum news website to keep it profitable.

Why is Mediatakeout popular? 

Mediatakeout is famous because, in the past, it has revealed several exclusive stories like the first pregnancy of famous actress Kim Kardashian, the divorce of Michael Jordan and criminal charges against Remy Ma. In an interview, its founder Fred revealed that the news on his website is exclusive because he takes this information from insiders like hairstylists, ex-girlfriends or bodyguards. This strategy keeps mediatakeout ahead of its competitors and makes it popular among entertainment newsreaders. 

How did Mediatakeout find out the interests of readers? 

Fred says that he did not use traditional content management systems like WordPress. Instead, he used a custom CMS, which was based on the Drudge report management system. Under this system, they would offer different choices of topics to visitors. This included: music videos, short stories, Britney Spears's story and Beyoncé's story. After the survey, they found out that the most popular genre was urban clips. Therefore, Fred decided to offer urban clips on Mediatakeout website. 

He revealed that he did not start this website as an entirely urban clips site. He did a gradual increase in urban site posts from 10% to 20%, and at last, they decided to make a complete transition to urban site content. In this way, they were able to host almost 500,000 unique users and attracted colossal traffic. 

What strategy did mediatakeout use to attract readers and traffic to the website? 

The founder of the website, Fred, reveals that he used exclusive content on his website to attract users. He mentioned some of the most unique and exclusive entertainment gossips about the American industry, like the Jennifer Hudson family tragedy, Chris Brown-Rihanna assault and Rapper TI's arrest. The people who want to get exclusive breaking news of the American industry switch to this website. This is why they have so many subscribers. 

Fred also revealed another trait of his active reader community. He said that the newsreaders are active enough to comment on the breaking news posted on mediatakeout. This helps the website to get new users to find the comments interesting and humorous. This gives an extra edge to the website over other Competitors. 

Testimonies of Growth of Mediatakeout: Mediatakeout becoming profitable: 

The success and growth of mediatakeout can be measured because the breaking news published by this website is purchased and taken by various other big publishing houses like CNN, NBC, People, the New York Post and TMZ. All this popularity leads to a lot of advertisers for the website. It has managed to gain an edge over it competitively and successfully gets the advertisers of even the competitor entertainment news website. According to the data published by the website, the traffic on the website is ever increasing. He also said that he has managed to earn a lot of revenue in the past six months. The cash flows are growing, and they have a positive account. 

A look at the traffic on Mediatakeout

Mediatakeout Dotcom is proud of posting massive traffic on its website due to its popularity and great content. Even though it only gives information about African American entertainment industry, it is far ahead of some famous websites in terms of daily traffic. Let's look at some of the recent figures to understand its popularity: 

Mediatakeout recently had almost 87 million page views, as per the data revealed by Comscore numbers. 

Mediatakeout is proud to get the title of 6th most visited entertainment website in the United States. The top five other websites are TMZ, MSN's Wonderwall, Yahoo's OMG, People Magazine, and TV Guide.

A look at the popularity of the website among advertisers: 

Advertisers are vital for any website to get a substantial amount of profit and revenue. Therefore, we will also look at the popularity of mediatakeout amongst advertisers to understand the enormous popularity in the internet blogging industry. Fred revealed that it was in 2008 that popular Internet traffic rating services like Alexa, Google Trends and Quantcast listed mediatakeout dotcoms in the list of websites that are attracting massive traffic. Interestingly the traffic that mediatakeout was attracting was far more than some of the most popular corporate-owned websites. Although mediatakeout could make a name, the advertisers were not ready to believe that the figures are accurate because the website was started with a low budget. Gradually as the figures regarding the traffic on mediatakeout became viral, the advertiser started taking note of mediatakeout. As a result, mediatakeout got huge advertisement offers. 

The foundry when the ways that to advertisers who had earlier canceled the deal with them call them back in the figures and that was one of the largest deals in history. 

What gives an edge to Mediatakeout over its competitors? 

When asked about how mediatakeout is different from other entertainment news publishers, see how CEO Fred replied. He said that although there are several gossip websites in the market, Media take has the edge over them in website traffic, audience appeal and advertisers. He attributes this popularity to his early realization and investments in brand equity. He said that from the very beginning, he was determined to spend more on brand equity and attracting readers similar to famous tech startups like YouTube, Twitter etc. 

What are the plans of mediatakeout according to its founder? 

When Fred was asked about the future of mediatakeout, he said that he believes in good quality content to attract viewers. He said that in any business, quality matters, and if he wants to attract and grow his readers, he has to provide them with better content daily. He revealed that he puts all his efforts into making his source entertaining. To provide good quality content to his reader, Fred works almost 18 hours per day the whole week. His time is spent in making the posts entertaining and engaging for his subscribers. 

Fred said that his team devotes considerable time to look into the readers' interest, thus, provide the same quality to them. They try to analyze the current news and understand which post got maximum popularity and which news did not appeal to the masses. This daily monitoring has helped them grow daily e and where hard work has borne fruit for them. 

He also gives credit to his research team for exclusive content on the website. He said that they try to predict the best trends in the urban sites and research them. In this way, he gives importance to hard work and dedication rather than big-budget footage and resources for a successful business.

Another venture of Mediatakeout its founder, I.e. Tube Jr. 

Mediatakeout founder Fred Mwangaguhunga did not restrict himself to only mediatakeout websites. Recently he announced that he had launched an alternative to YouTube for kids named Tube Jr. The aim behind setting up tube junior is to provide a safe video streaming platform for kids. The effort is appreciable because YouTube can many times also offer vulgar content to kids and disrupt them. But due to the shift to an online platform for education, YouTube gained momentum for learning concepts. Therefore, you need to have a safe alternative for kids to give them a good learning experience without corrupting their minds. Based on the same principle, Tube Jr. Is launched. It will remain interesting to see if it also enjoys the same popularity as the mediatakeout website enjoys. 

Rounding up: 

We have various websites on the internet, but only a few websites can make a unique Identity. Mediatakeout is also one of these websites that have created a unique identity through its exclusive content and massive traffic. The success story of mediatakeout is a perfect example of hard work and dedication to get results. The founder, Fred, started from the laundry business but saw massive growth in earnings and revenue after taking one right decision to venture into a website. He was wise enough to understand the market trends and invest in the right direction. As a result, he was able to become the founder and CEO of a successful website. 

According to all the statistics regarding the mediatakeout website, it is clear that it hosts several subscribers, attracts user traffic and is one of the favorite websites for advertisers. But despite all the success, the founder and the other employees always look for innovative and better ways to provide quality content. Therefore, he inspires every one of us to put in our best efforts to everything we do, to get the maximum output from it. We should learn from his life story and the hard work that he puts into his website. We must also remember that our background doesn't matter. What matters is our hard work and dedication to succeed. If we put our best efforts into the process and journey to success, we will succeed one day.

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