Milton Thermosteel Carafe flask water bottle hot and cold 2 litre tea, with price 2000ml buy online Amazon

Milton Thermosteel Carafe for 24 Hours Hot or Cold, (2000 ml), Silver

Milton Thermosteel Carafe flask water bottle hot and cold 2 litre tea, with price 2000ml buy online Amazon

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This is a good choice if you're searching for an insulated carafe that can carry a large volume of coffee or Tea. It's the only option if that's what you're searching for. This carafe is made of high-quality stainless steel and uses vacuum insulation technology to maintain temperature and retain flavour and freshness. It can keep hot or cold drinks warm or cold for up to 24 hours. The gadget also has an easy-to-reach push button for opening the pour spout, so you can serve coffee with with one hand. And it doesn't get much more convenient than this in terms of convenience. This is the ideal pick for any work-related gathering, birthday celebration, or even a breakfast you're holding among friends. And something a little more road-friendly, such as vacations, business travel, camping, and so on.

Milton Silver Thermosteel Carafe Flask (2L Usable Capacity) – With a boiling hot cup of tea, you can stay refreshed outside.

This carafe from Milton features an inner and exterior steel design that keeps liquids ready to drink for up to 24 hours. The vacuum insulated carafe effectively preserves the temperatures of both hot and cold liquids, while the brushed steel body is durable and appealing. This leak-proof carafe is also simple to clean and transport, ensuring that you always have a cup of tea on hand when you need one.

Maintains a consistent temperature.

To keep your beverages fresh on the road, take this leak-proof Milton carafe with you. This vacuum-insulated carafe can contain both hot and cold liquids while maintaining their temperature for an extended period of time. For up to 24 hours at a time, your beverage, hot or cold, will be protected from reaching room temperature. Furthermore, they are fully leak-proof, making them convenient to transport.

2000ml capacity

This Milton Thermosteel carafe with vacuum insulation ideal for you if you enjoy lengthy trips and like to bring your favourite beverage with you. Its volume of 2 litres (2000 ml) makes it ideal for those travellers who don't want to rely on roadside vendors for their hot tea fix. It's also fantastic in the kitchen.

Functional lid

This convenient leak-proof carafe from Milton comes with a sturdy top that keeps the drink in at all times, reducing the possibility of spilling. The handy lid also makes pouring a breeze, allowing you to enjoy a drink of your favourite beverage whenever you choose.

Handle is easy to use.

This leak-proof carafe from Milton has an easy-grip handle that allows you to hold it at a comfortable position while pouring your favourite beverage. Bring this vacuum-sealed carafe wherever you go to keep yourself and your party hydrated.

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