Pillsbury Multigrain Atta 5Kg Price With Ingredients - Best atta chakki for home

Pillsbury Atta/Godihittu - Multigrain, 5 kg Pouch 

Price Rs 310

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Pillsbury Atta/Godihittu - Multigrain


Pillsbury's Multigrain Atta is a first-of-its-kind mixture of seven grains that are precisely combined to provide all-around fitness advantages. It's also a crucial ingredient in several snacks, such as halwa. Every day, Pillsbury Multigrain Atta will provide your family with more nourishment.

Brand - Pillsbury

Item Weight - 5000 Grams

Package Weight - 5.04 Kilograms


Wheat, oats, soy, raagi, barley, channa dal and maize.


Chapathi, parathas, and dosas may all be made with it.

About this item

Pillsbury Atta with Multigrain is made up of seven different natural grains, including wheat, soy, maize, barley, ragi, oats, and chana dal. Powerhouse of Nutrition - Multigrain is nutrient-dense, nutritious, and high in fibre, which is just what your digestive system need for improved metabolism. Fibre aids in bowel movement and regularity.

Multigrain atta is high in dietary fibre, which aids digestion and is beneficial to a healthy digestive system. Multigrain Atta Roti is an excellent option if you're seeking for a healthy and nourishing diet meal to include in your daily diet. Pillsbury blends top quality wheat, picked from India's finest wheat farms, with its 150 years of experience in wheat and wheat products.

Product description

The Pillsbury multigrain atta allows you to experience the atta's delectable soft and tasty chapattis. Wheat and multigrains such as soy, oats, maize, barley, ragi, and chana dal are used to make it. To keep it from spoiling or being eaten by insects, store it in a dry, cold location in air-tight containers.






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