Adele Weight Loss Journey - 3 Weight Loss Secrets

Adele Weight Loss Journey - 3 Weight Loss Secrets

The singer is in the best shape of her life

English singer and songwriter Adele is famous and well known for Adele weight loss journey in which she lost upto 22 kg of her body weight in Kilograms. After achieving this amazing weight loss feat, She was trending in newspapers and online for her weight loss journey. Let us find out how Adele managed to lose an astonishing 22 kgs of her body weight and what were the diet plans and exercise routines that she followed to achieve her weight loss goals.

We all have busy schedules in our life and Adele is no different, being a famous singer her daily routine was very stressful and busy. Everyday we are stuck with so many responsibilities that we feel we are short of time to complete all our work. Daily we are juggling to balance our job, our precious family and friends too, in all of this We forget about our own health. This is the main reason many of us end up putting on those extra pounds, and so was the life of Adele.

The truth about Adele's 22-kilogram weight reduction has been revealed. Let us find the secret of Adele weight loss Journey.

If you have seen the images or picture of English singer and songwriter Adele, then you will be familiar how she was looking before, if not you can still check online and see Adele before she lost weight after losing her weight. Many fans have gone crazy looking at Adele's amazing body transformation and can't wait to know the secret to her amazing weight loss journey. Let us learn in detail about Adele's amazing body transformation.

If you are not familiar with Adele, then check out all the facts about the popular English singer Adele.

What is the method Adele used in reducing her weight? and how she was able to shed more than 22 kg.

Adele's weight reduction made headlines throughout the world.

We all know that English singer and songwriter Adele is famous and well known for her songs like 'someone like you', 'rolling in the deep', 'you make me feel my love', 'Send My Love (To Your New Lover)', 'Turning Tables', 'skyfall piano' and many more songs. Lets come straight to the point now about the details of her weight loss. To achieve this incredible weight loss feat of losing 22 kgs, Adele followed a focused weight loss diet plan accompanied with a strict exercise regimen from her personal trainer. Adele's Weight Loss success can be credited to her sheer hard work and determination to transform her body and her personal trainers' constant support.

English singer and songwriter Adele trainer in a recent interview have shared some techniques that helped Adele who found losing weight impossible. People who have seen her last will notice a big difference in her, when it comes to Adele weight loss before and after pictures.

How Adele's personal trainer assisted her in losing her weight

Pete Geracimo is the name of the personal trainer that helped English singer and songwriter Adele in her weight loss journey. By profession Pete Geracimo is well-known in the United Kingdom as a wellness mentor as well as a Calisthenics and Movement mentor. Adele's Body transformation was not a small job, particularly knowing her demanding schedule and she doesn't like to go to the Gym. Pete Geracimo has worked with Adele for a number of years. As Adele has lost her weight all the praises goes to the trainer who has helped her in doing so and also we can understand from this example we can believe that if we do hard work and we try to be on a mission in losing our weight and set an example for others to do the same. Pete Geracimo also revealed that there were three major factors that contributed to Adele's long-term weight loss success.

Adele Weight Loss Journey- 3 Weight Loss Secrets that Helped Adele

1) A Sirtfood eating plan

In 2016, pharmacist Aidan Goggins and nutritionist Glen Matten published a book on the Sirtfood diet. Sirtfood diet is very well known after the book was out. It includes consuming sirtuin-rich foods, which can help you lose weight. Some examples of the foods are green tea, onions, strawberries, blueberries, turmeric, oranges etc. If we dont have healthy food on our plate it is impossible to lose weight. English singer and songwriter Adele has followed a unique diet plan which helped her to lose weight, the Sirtfood diet eating plan that helped her in losing her fat. These specific foods help her in the functioning that activate sirtuins, or protein chains. This food helps in controlling the body inflammation, increases metabolism, and reduces ageing and therefore encourages weight reduction. The link to the book you can check here

2) Working out and exercising on a regular basis

If you want to lose weight you need to have a healthy diet and follow an exercise regimen which will help you in successfully losing your weight. Pete Geracimo trained Adele two to three times a week. Adele keeps herself occupied with free and diverse workouts in order to keep things fresh and exciting. Everything from bodyweight, Resistance training exercises, weight training, resistance band exercises, cardio and also boxing. It's all because of Adele's hardwork and her trainer Pete Geracimo.

3) The importance of maintaining a regular sleep pattern

Adele believes that getting enough sleep is essential to live a healthy lifestyle. As you all know that English singer and songwriter Adele is a married lady her husband's name is Simon Konecki. By profession Simon Konecki is a charity CEO. Adele also is blessed with 1 son from her relationship with her husband. She has to manage her family life and work life together. As she is a singer she has to travel in different places and thus make her very busy in life too. If you get the right amount of sleep it will keep your stress away, repair muscle tissue, restore energy and also assist your body in fat breakdown


English singer and songwriter Adele weight loss journey has been amazing and it is all because of her commitment that gave a positive effect. She had also made several healthy dietary changes and followed her exercise routine that brought her this big change in life. She is very happy in her life now as she has adopted a healthy lifestyle and made adjustments which helped her in reducing her weight mostly due to her new eating regimen, sleep patterns and Exercise routines. Also Read Rebel Wilson weight loss - How did rebel wilson lose weight

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