Bosch Power Tools launched a ‘Affordability Campaign' to reduce the cost of ownership of its high-quality tools for its customers

Bosch Power Tools has launched a ‘Affordability Campaign' to reduce the cost of ownership of its high-quality tools for its customers.

Bosch Power Tools has launched a high-impact campaign aimed at benefiting consumers and reducing the use of low-quality counterfeit components by lowering the costs of spare parts.

By lowering the cost of ownership of durable, high-performing components, the goal is to empower tradespeople and the dealer ecosystem across metro, sub-metro, and upcountry market cities.

Bengaluru, 13 July 2021: Bosch Power Tools has officially launched the ‘Affordability Campaign' in India . This effort reduces the overall cost of tool ownership. The cost of key spare components has been reduced across a wide variety of tools, allowing consumers to get high-quality, low-cost repairs.

While the country battles the pandemic, Bosch Power Tools saw a surge in demand after the second quarter of 2020. Due to a lack of access to markets, users were forced to rely on self-repair, which increased demand for tools and accessories. Bosch's Affordability user campaign seeks to meet this need by lowering spare part prices, allowing access to safe, high-quality equipment. This effort will also make it easier for tradespeople to own and operate tools, resulting in increased production, earning capacity, and safety in the long run.

The ‘Affordable Campaign' seeks to raise awareness of the simpler availability of replacement parts in order to guarantee that high quality and safety standards are maintained across all trade segments. This campaign's accessibility will reduce the incidence of duplicate, fraudulent components that may not be made according to safety requirements.

In 2016-17, Bosch launched inexpensive equipment to lower the initial investment requirement for tradespeople. For these consumers, the new reduced pricing will lower their total cost of ownership even further.

Commenting on the user campaign, Nishant Sinha, Regional Business Director, Bosch Power Tools for India & SAARC said, “We have taken a great stride by combining quality with affordability, and expand our vision - Fascinate users with affordable solutions for a better life. By addressing the ground-level user problems, our campaign aims to provide tradesmen and the dealer ecosystem, with products & spares at price-points which suits their requirement.”

With changing customer preferences for convenience and productivity, as well as strong safety capabilities, the Power Tools industry has evolved in recent years. Over the last several years, the rise in demand for high-quality equipment has fueled even more innovation and manufacturing at Bosch Power Tools India. The company began operations in the nation in 1997, and by 2021, the production factories in Chennai will have produced 10 million units. Now, Bosch Power Products India wants to focus more on bringing tools to the Indian market at affordable prices.

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