Britannia choco lush pure magic price Best Chocolush 300 g price, Review & unboxing

Britannia choco lush pure magic price Best Chocolush 300 g price, Review & unboxing

Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush Biscuits, 300 g

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Price: ₹ 120.00

Ingredients - Prepared using Choco Filling (Sugar, Edible Vegetable Oil (Palms) Cocoa Solids, Milk Solids, Emulsifier and Contains Added Artificial Flavouring Substance-Vanillin), Refined Wheat Flour (Maida), Interesterified Vegetable Fat, Sugar, Cocoa Solids, Liquid Glucose, Invert Sugar Syrup, Milk Solids, Edible Starch, Raising Agents, Butter, Emulsifiers and Iodised Salt

Weight - 300 Grams

Item Dimensions LxWxH - 23 x 5 x 16.5 Centimeters

Brand - Britannia Pure Magic

Package Weight - 0.4 Kilograms

Material Feature - Vegetarian

This is a 100% Vegetarian product.

About this item

biscuits long and crunchy Inside is a flood of liquid chocolate, presenting you with a culinary work of art.

Belgian chocolate melts in your lips, providing an exquisite experience for your taste receptors.

Enjoy these wonderful cookies as a dessert after your dinner, or with a glass of milk to help the flavours blend.

Britannia Pure Magic cookies are a variety of tastes that encompass a magical voyage of taste, including deuce milk choco, deuce white choco, and vanilla cream.

Description of the product

Britannia Pure Magic chocolate cookies come in a variety of flavours. The delectable melted chocolate is encased in the long and crispy biscuit, taking you on a trip of captivating taste and a delightful surprise. For a long time, Britannia biscuits and cookies have been a part of every home, sharing those happy times. Britannia India makes some of India's favourite brands, including 50-50, tiger, nutrichoice, bourbon, good day, milk bikis, and small hearts, and believes in offering fresh and healthful products.

A smidgeon of pure enchantment!

Prepare to embark on a fantastic adventure with Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush. Every bite is sheer heaven, with molten chocolate inside a crispy cookie. This extra-chocolatey, extra-magical biscuit will bring a little sweetness to your day.

Share it with your better half for wonderful moments. Crunchy cookie with an overflow of molten chocolate leads to a lengthy biscuit.

Enjoy tonnes of rich, velvety molten chocolate filling. With Britannia Chocolush cookies, more chocolate means more magic.

Good Day, Marie Gold, NutriChoice, Milk Bikis, Bourbon, Britannia Cakes, and Britannia Cheese are some of India's most popular brands.









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