CONNECTWIDE Nonstick Stainless Steel Fried Egg Shaper Mold Ring Pancake Cooker Set of 9 PCS

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9 unique and amusing shapes frying egg moulds made of stainless steel Pancake moulds are made from poached eggs. Shaper for Kids Metal Egg Kitchen Gadgets Tool, produce flawless poached eggs for breakfast in minutes with metal poached egg shapers, pancake makers, and omelette moulds.


9 shapes: star, ring, flower, heart, elephant, hen, apple, heart-2+, heart-3+, heart-4+, heart-5+, heart-6+, heart-7+, heart-8+, heart-9+, Fried egg mould in the shape of a horse. Cleaning is simple, and the product lasts a long time.


Foldable handle design makes it simple to remove the moulds once the poached eggs are ready. The handle's thermal insulating silicone is meant to keep you from getting burned. It's simple to create a delicious breakfast while saving time and effort. Ideal for pancakes, crumpets, and fried foods. Egg muffins, micro pancakes, miniature omelettes, poached eggs, burgers, and more can all be made with this pan.


Dishwasher-safe and simple to clean. Stainless Steel Sharp Blades, High-Quality Material To poach eggs flawlessly, use a high-temperature resistant, anti-falling, and pressure-resistant material. Fried egg mould in a lovely and amusing shape. The lovely formed egg is a great mould for creating breakfast, and it will improve a child's appetite. Dishwasher and hand washable - When the ergonomic egg moulder pancake maker becomes dirty after cooking, it can be washed by hand with soap and water.


Use with pancake batter, eggs, pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, Benedict eggs, fritters, omelettes, and more. It can also be used to make flawless egg muffins, hamburger patties, and desserts, among other things. You'll never need another egg poacher after this! Cooking Different Foods in the Same Pan - Not everyone enjoys food that blends or touches, especially when the flavours are so dissimilar.


1. Material: Food grade stainless steel (Refer description for more details)

2. Material Thickness: 0.6 MM

3. Color: Silver

4. Uses: DIY multi-utility kitchen tools set

5. Non-rusting & Non-deformable products

6. Hand wash & dishwasher safe


1. Heart Design-2 (LxBxH, Weight): 9CM x 8.5CM x 1.5 CM (30 GRAMS)

2. Apple (LxBxH, Weight): 9CM x 10CM x 1.5 CM (33 GRAMS)

3. Hen (LxBxH, Weight): 8CM x 11CM x 1.5 CM (32 GRAMS}

4. Horse (LxBxH, Weight): 11CM x 9CM x 1.5 CM (33 GRAMS),

5. Elephant (LxBxH & Weight): 13CM x 7CM x 1.5 CM (34 GRAMS)

6.Star (LxBxH, Weight): 9CM x 8.5CM x 1.5 CM (32 GRAMS)

7. Circle (LxBxH, Weight): 9CM x 8.5CM x 1.5 CM (30 GRAMS)

8. Flower (LxBxH, Weight): 8CM x 8.5CM x 1.5 CM (30 GRAMS)

9. Heart (LxBxH, Weight): 9CM x 8.5CM x 1.5 CM (30 GRAMS)


Step 1: Wash and dry the pan, then place the desired stencil shape on top, pour in the oil or butter, and preheat.

Step 2: Brush the bottom of the ring with oil to keep the eggs/batter from adhering to the wall.

Step 3: In a small bowl, crack an egg. Please take care not to spill any eggs. To avoid spills, use a flat base pan.

Step 4: After cooking for a few minutes, wait for the eggs/batter to set, then lift up the little handle and enjoy your delectable meal.

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