Everest Haldi / Turmeric Powder 200 Gm Price, Review & Unboxing

Everest Powder, Turmeric, 200g

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Item Weight - 200 Grams

Package Weight - 0.2 Kilograms

Item Form - Powdered

This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

When it comes to flavouring and colouring our food, turmeric powder is an absolute must-have!

India is the country of origin.

Everest turmeric powder is a garden-fresh turmeric powder with a golden-yellow colour. It is well-known for having a high concentration of carcumin. India, where turmeric is widely used as a primary colouring component in "curries,"

Haldi is the great ingredient that elevates all Indian meals to the status of kings. This spice, which is a staple in Indian cuisine, can be used to enhance the flavour, aroma, and texture of virtually any meal. Everest is a brand that is well-known for its variety of spices and sauces, among other things. Its turmeric powder is of great quality, and it can be purchased in most major grocery and health food stores.

Turmeric has a moderate flavour that is earthy and woody in nature. It is a good blood cleanser because it promotes the digestion of proteins. Turmeric has been used as a culinary colouring ingredient since 600 B.C., when it was first discovered. Turmeric was known as Indian Saffron in mediaeval Europe because of its colour.


Ingredients  Picked from the best farm fields, haldi in its purest form is boiled and dried before being pounded to a powder at an Everest spice mill, which is a hygienic and well-established industrial setting with a long history of success. This 200 gramme pack is then vacuum sealed to ensure that the freshness of the contents is maintained.

How to Make Use of

While haldi, also known as turmeric powder, is mostly used in the seasoning of various Indian meals such as dals, vegetables, and curries, it can also be used to marinate fish in a variety of flavours.

Turmeric is used to marinade fish before it is cooked by Hindus living in India. Turmeric is utilised in Indian cuisine as a colouring and flavouring ingredient, as well as a preservative. Turmeric solutions have been used for centuries to heal wounds, eye infections, and the common cold, among other ailments.








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