Kevin Love Weight Loss lets know the secret of weight loss

Kevin Love Weight Loss lets know the secret of weight loss

The relationship between healthy diet and good health is well-known. Nutrition and its influence on athletic performance has become a science Today.

A nutritionally appropriate diet is the foundation for increased performance, whether you are a competing athlete, a weekend sports participant, or a devoted daily exerciser.

Nutrition can help you perform better in sports.

A well-planned, healthy diet should supply enough protein to support muscle development and repair while also meeting the majority of an athlete's vitamin and mineral requirements.

Wholegrain breads and cereals, which are high in unprocessed carbs, should be the foundation of the diet.

Water is an excellent option of drink for athletes who want to improve their performance and avoid dehydration.

What should an Athelete's Diet Consist of ?

An athlete's diet is no different than the diet of a normal healthy individual., with energy consumption split into the following categories:

A healthy and nutritious diet should consist majorly of Carbohydrates which should account for more than 55% of the total, as carbs are what give us instant energy.

For muscle growth Protein is important and hence protein should account for 12 to 15% of the diet.

A healthy diet should consist minimal amount of fats so try to restrict to Less than 30% of calories come from fat.

Athletes who exercise vigorously for more than 60 to 90 minutes each day may need to boost their carbohydrate intake to 65 to 70% of their total energy.

So let's look at one of the most talked about athelet's who is known for his amazing weight loss journey and getting back in shape.

Who is Kevin Love?

Kevin Wesley Love is his full name. His date of birth is September 7, 1988 and place of birth is Santa Monica, California. By profession he is an American professional basketball player. He is known for playing for Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). His best Position is Power forward / Center. In the year 2016, Banana Republic appointed Love as their new style ambassador and advertising model.

How did Kevin Love lose weight and what was his Weight loss plan

When Kevin Love graduated out of UCLA he was a husky big man with not much muscle tone. So to get back in shape and to improve his overall physique and game, Love decided to lose some weight. By the time Kevin Love joined Cleveland Cavaliers he was 30 pounds lighter. So let's find out how did kevin love achieve this weight loss goal.

As part of his diet he tries to keep it mostly plant based but he does induldge in eating fish, some chicken, and occasionally steak as part of his diet. 

Kevin say's that the secret to his weightloss is the workouts he's being doing with fellow basketball stars Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook with yoga and a strict diet plan. Kevin went on to add that sweating it ut in the gym and exercising alone is not enough to get back in shape and lose the extra weight. Along with a good exercise regime you need to get good sleep, keep yourself hydrated and makesure you are induldging in a well balanced nutritious diet. When on a weight loss diet you need to pay attention to your daily calorie intake. Keeping this in mind Love has been eating five to six smaller meals everyday instead of 3 large meals.

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