Nongshim Veggie Noodle Soup Cup Nong Shim price, review & unboxing

Nongshim Nong Shim Veggie Cup Noodles, 67 gm

Price: ₹ 99.00

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Brand Nongshim

Flavour Vegetable

Package Information Cup

Package Weight 0.15 Pounds

About this item

Cup Noodles

Quantity: 67 gm

Ingredients type: Vegetable

Ingredients that are entirely vegan! Soon will be vegan-certified, allowing all soup fans who follow a strict vegan diet to consume with confidence.

The same delectable noodle soup, but with a gentler flavour prepared entirely from vegan ingredients.

Part of the Vegan Society.

The spicy flavour of shin ramyun is milder.

There is no trans fat and no MSG added.

Now it's in a cup. Veggie Noodle Soup, made entirely of vegan ingredients, will be available soon, and it is amazing! The flavorful veggie broth has its own simple, yet hearty characteristics that even meat eaters would appreciate. Mild, pure, and unadulterated. Soon, vegetarian Noodle soup will have its own distinct flavours created entirely of vegan components. So expect the same delectable flavour, but with more "soon" - meaning "mild" in Korean - goodness that can only be found in the savoury vegetable broth. The flavour is good, and there are vegetables included. It's really easy to transport to the office for lunch.














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