Rebel Wilson weight loss - How did rebel wilson lose weight

Rebel Wilson weight loss - How did rebel wilson lose weight

The Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson who plays Fat Amy in the movie shares the unexpected technique behind her shocking weight loss let us find out about Rebel Wilson Weight loss journey.

Let us first know who is Rebel Wilson?

Rebel Wilson is an Australian actress, comedian, writer, singer and producer by profession. Her date of birth is 2 March 1980 and place of birth is Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The actress is mostly known for her work in the movie Pitch Perfect and Hustle.

The actress Rebel Wilson from the film Hustle is in the greatest shape of her life.

Rebel Wilson is famous and well known for her weight loss journey in which she lost upto 29 kg of her body weight in Kilograms which is almost 60 pounds. After her commitment to a 'year of health' in the year 2020, Rebel Wilson is in the greatest form of her life. When she started her wellness journey, the Hustle actress has dropped an astounding 29 kg and she's now shared the one regimen that's helped her to reach her goal weight. After achieving this amazing weight loss feat, She was trending in newspapers and online for her weight loss journey. Let us find out how Rebel Wilson managed to lose an astonishing 29 kgs of her body weight and what were the diet plans and exercise routines that she followed to achieve her weight loss goals.

We all have busy schedules in our life and Rebel Wilson is no different, being a famous actress her daily routine was very stressful and busy. Everyday we are stuck with so many responsibilities that we feel we are short of time to complete all our work. Daily we are juggling to balance our job, our precious family and friends too, in all of this We forget about our own health. This is the main reason many of us end up putting on those extra pounds, and so was the life of Rebel Wilson.

The truth about Rebel Wilson weight loss has been revealed. Let us find How did Rebel Wilson Lose Weight.

If you have seen the images or picture of Australian actress Rebel Wilson, then you will be familiar how she was looking before, if not you can still check online and see Rebel Wilson before she lost weight after losing her weight. Many fans have gone crazy looking at Rebel Wilson's amazing body transformation and can't wait to know the secret to her amazing weight loss journey. Let us learn in detail about Rebel Wilson's amazing body transformation.

What is the method Rebel Wilson used in reducing her weight? and how she was able to shed more than 29 kg.

Rebel Wilson Before and After Image

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss made headlines throughout the world.

We all know that Australian actress Rebel Wilson is famous and well known for her movies like 'The Hustle', 'Isn't It Romantic', 'Pitch Perfect 3', 'Pain & Gain', ' Bridesmaids' and many more movies. Lets come straight to the point now about the details of her weight loss. To achieve this incredible weight loss feat of losing 29 kgs, Rebel Wilson's Weight Loss success can be credited to her sheer hard work and determination to transform her body.

Rebel Wilson stated that daily walking combined with healthy food options was a main key for her to lose her body weight which helped her in losing the unnecessary body fat rather than strenuous workouts and rigorous diets.

Rebel Wilson in an interview had once said that she was suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome, a hormonal condition that makes it difficult for women to conceive.

In 2020, Rebel Wilson decided to get serious about her health and started off her weight loss journey calling it a "Year of Health". The actress began her journey by attending an Austrian health resort which helped to detoxify and at this resort she discovered the benefits of taking a brisk walk in losing weight.

Along with Brisk walking Rebel Wilson, also changed her diet to include more healthy and high-protein meals and cut out the junk food.

In an interview with E!, she said that she started putting on weight when she was in her 20's due to PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, which made her put on a lot of weight quickly.

People who have seen her last will notice a big difference in her, when it comes to Rebel Wilson weight loss before and after pictures.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Secret

After visiting a health retreat in Austria Rebel Wilson learned about the Mayr Method for weight Loss, which she followed to achieve her weight loss goals.

What is The Mayr Method?

The Mayr Method is a 14-day nutrition and fitness plan that emphasizes on eating more of veggies and high protein foods, while avoiding overeating and junk food. This Diet plan does not restrict calories and instead advises you to eat more of the healthy foods in the meal plan like high-protein foods, vegetables, and low-carb grains. People find it simpler to lose weight and feel their best on this plan, as this method focuses on losing weight slowly and consistently. Rebel Wilson has done this by following the Mayr diet plan through 2020.

The easiest way to know the secret of the Mayr Method is buy the book: Viva Mayr Diet: 14 Days to a Flatter Stomach and a Younger You by Dr. Harald Stossier and Helena Frith Powell. The book includes meal plans, recipes, and an in-depth description of the principles, allowing you to achieve your weight loss objectives while remaining in the comfort of your own home. You can follow the diet for as long as you like without ever leaving your house. get started on the Mayr diet. You can check the link of the book here

What is Rebel Wilson's diet Plan?

Rebel Wilson followed the Mayr Diet Plan and as part of the plan she consumed more of the following:

Foods to Eat on this Diet :

  • Drank lots of water
  • Ate foods that are high in protein
  • Ate more of Alkaline foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes

Foods to Avoid on This Diet :

  • Junk food
  • Processed Foods
  • Dairy
  • Foods high in Carbs

What is the Mayr Method exercise plan, followed by Rebel Wilson for Weight Loss?

The Mayr Method Exercise plan is what Rebel Wilson followed in her weight loss journey. This exercise plan focuses on low impact and low-pressure exercises like brisk walking, going on hikes, playing a sport, dancing etc. It stresses on doing low intensity activities that make you happy and not stress the body.

Australian actress, comedian, writer, singer and producer Rebel Wilson weight loss journey has been amazing and it is all because of her commitment that gave a positive effect. She is very happy in her life now as she has adopted a healthy lifestyle and made adjustments which helped her in reducing her weight mostly due to her new eating regimen and Exercise routines. Also check Adele Weight Loss Journey - 3 Weight Loss Secrets

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