Secret meeting, crypto signals and how the countries can bring harm to the crypto world

 A secret meeting that is not reflected in the media in the cryptocurrency markets!

On May 11, 2021, Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, the world's most respected cryptocurrency exchange, met with US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. The meeting took place about a month after Coinbase went public.

Secret meeting, crypto signals and how the countries can bring harm to the crypto world

On May 14, the Coinbase CEO shared a tweet and said he was meeting with a group of politicians in Washington after viewing some crypto signals. However, Armstrong did not make a statement that he met with the chairman of the Fed.

No official statement was made on the content of the meeting between the two sides, but it is assumed that the meeting discussed the central bank digital currency (CBDC) and rules.

China, Japan, South Korea, Switzerland and many EU countries are working very hard on the CBDC. France, China, Japan, and South Korea have even started testing CBDCs. However, the Fed is very slow in doing this in this regard. In this regard, the Fed is conducting research and analysis. But the Fed has a wait and see policy. Let's take a look at other countries first, if the Fed is using CBDC without issue, we will start using CBDC.

US financial experts believe the Fed's delay in CBDC will jeopardize the dollar's dominance. Brian Armstrong and Jerome Powell discussed the advantages and disadvantages of CBDC.

Another issue that is most likely to come up on the agenda is the issue of regulation as SafeTrading analyst thinks. China's ban on mining bitcoins and liberal openings on bitcoins and cryptocurrencies for every state in the US are simultaneous. This process can be interpreted as a change in US policy towards bitcoins and a more liberal approach. I wonder if Brian Amstrong influenced Jerome Powell in this regard.

Is cryptocurrency still the right investment choice?

While many of us thought Bitcoin was unreliable when it first hit the market, we are now free from our prejudices. Of course, there are big risks, but investors are always ready to take this risk. Those who took action before and invested in digital money now have significant assets. But how accurate will digital currencies be for those who invest afterwards?

The Milliyet columnist has made several statements that digital assets can become the currency of the future of all crypto signals. He predicts that he will take more place in our lives with strong technological support and technological advancement. Most experts of SafeTrading continue to characterize the currency of the future.

Investments made in the right currency and at the right time will of course be profitable. The most important thing here, of course, is the ability to analyze. Patience is another matter. One of the biggest mistakes people make when investing is, of course, impatience and the dream of getting rich easily. The reviewer highlights this detail. There is no easy money or quick money in any investment vehicle. It should not be forgotten that investment options that promise this carry more risk.

Binance events worry people.

Binance was forced to cease operations in the UK because it went outside the law. These problems need to be addressed first. Of course, without full trust, it will be much more difficult to attract people to this market.

Countries continue to work in this direction and are doing everything possible to make it official. Cryptocurrencies may already be a viable investment option, and millions continue to do so. It's not too late, but you must choose the right currency at the right time.

How will stringent measures in some countries affect cryptocurrencies?

How will news of restrictions and bans from China and then the UK affect cryptocurrencies? The SafeTrading team thinks that mining work was stopped under the pretext of a power outage. On the other hand, England was another country that supported this issue, giving another reason. There are very utopian and unusual scenarios. Some say they are trying to end cryptocurrencies. We think this is an unrealistic idea.

But how to respond to these prohibitions? If you remember, bitcoin and other currencies fell heavily due to China's mining ban. Markets were bewildered by the ensuing news of the ban.

Most of the miners settled in Texas and decided to continue their operations in the region. All of this is not a positive development and we know very well how this will affect the markets. If you like, let's take a look at the experts' comments together.

Adverse scenarios already exist

While China justifies the power outage, we know very well that the real reason is its own cryptocurrency. It should not be forgotten that they put a lot of pressure on the market to make the money to be issued more popular and preferred. The impact of these bans on the market is negative, and this is definitely one of the most important reasons for the sharp drop in the bitcoin rate.

Experts come up with a scenario like they are trying to do away with cryptocurrencies, but now we all know very well that this is almost impossible. Of course, markets and assets will suffer, but there will definitely be a recovery process and it will become obsolete.

Investors need to be a little more careful these days. Because not only China, but also large countries like England are shaken by the prohibitions. Not too long ago, a Binance coup was on the agenda and activities were suspended. Cryptocurrencies aspire to be the currencies of the future and we think they will continue this demand in the best possible way. So there is no point in predicting fate.

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