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Barbie Dreamtopia Chelsea- Mermaid, princess, fairy Dolls (3 Dolls) price, review & unboxing buy on Amazon

Cartoon Character Barbie

Toy figure type Doll

Brand Barbie

Animal theme Bear

Item Dimensions LxWxH 45 x 305 x 229 Millimeters

About this item

Three dolls from the Barbie Dreamtopia country of Sparkle Mountain are included in this set: a princess doll, a fairy doll, and a mermaid doll. Let your fantasies soar with these three Barbie Dreamtopia dolls!

This teal-colored bodice and detachable skirt with gem pattern, as well as pink shoes and a transparent teal tiara to accessorise her blond hair, make Chelsea the perfect princess doll.

The fairy doll is clothed in a pink bodice with a necklace-decorated purple skirt, silvery shoes, and "gem"-decorated purple wings that match her beautiful purple hair, and she is sure to inspire stories.

This is a lovely princess appearance!

Chelsea princess doll sparkles with a teal bodice with a necklace-decorated gem print, a detachable skirt with gem print, pink shoes, and a transparent teal tiara for her blond hair. Chelsea princess doll is approximately 18 inches tall.

Accessorize in style!

A tiara for the princess, wings for the fairy, and a comb shaped like a mermaid's tail are just a few of the whimsical details.

Using a comb, tame her lovely hair!

Use it to comb out the hair of the dolls, who are each a distinctive colour. As you awaken to a world where dreams become reality, your children will be able to recount all kinds of stories about Chelsea doll and her two companions.



















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