Barbie Stroll N Play Pups Playset - Barbie Puppy & Dog Double Stroller

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Barbie Doll with Animal Figure

Cartoon Character Barbie

Brand Barbie

Item Dimensions LxWxH 7 x 22.9 x 32.4 Centimeters

Age Range (Description) Kid


About this item

There are two options for travelling: either sit one puppy in the stroller and the other in Barbie doll's purse, or pull the front of the stroller out, doubling its size to accommodate both pups at the same time

It has a modern, colourful design with realistic elements such as treaded rolling wheels, glittering embellishments, a hook for Barbie doll's pocketbook, and grips that she can actually grasp on to.

Imaginatively recreate the ideal puppy play day with the Barbie Stroll 'n Play Pups playset, which features a Barbie doll, two pet dogs, a changeable stroller, and narrative accessories.

Description of the Goods:

This playset, which includes a stroller with a morphing function, two pet puppies, and seven accessories to help care for them, is perfect for animal lovers who want to assist Barbie doll in taking her pups on the road! Are you ready for a fun-filled day with the puppies? Barbie doll may transfer her pets in one of two ways: sit or stand. Put the first puppy in the stroller and the second puppy in Barbie doll's purse; or extend the front of the stroller out to double its size, allowing you to accommodate both puppies in it! The dog stroller has a contemporary design with bright colours — an orange weather screen can be drawn over the top to offer shade, a hook for Barbie doll's purse adds a realistic touch, and silvery embellishments add a touch of class. Assisted Barbie doll in grasping the grips and pushing them to start the fun. The storytelling accessories offer everything that children need to act out feeding and playing scenarios in their own stories.






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