Celine Dion Weight Loss Reason, Health Now And Then, Diet - How Did The Singer Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Reasons for Celine Dion: Diet, Health Now and Then, and Health Before and After - What Caused the Singer to Shed Her Pounds?

Celine Dion Weight Loss Reason, Health Now And Then, Diet - How Did The Singer Lose Weight?

Celine Dion is one of the most popular American Singers of her generation. she is best known for her hit single heart will go on. Apart from being an amazing singer Celine Dion is lately in the media for being criticized over her weight loss. Celine Dion has lost a lot of weight after the death of her Husband Rene Angel in 2016. A lot of her Fans have raised concerns over her health sighting her crazy weight loss. When asked about her weight loss in an interview, Celine said that she is doing it for herself and she wants to be that way. The singer explained that she has been slim always in her life and that no one in her family is over weight. 

Celine Dion attributes her weight loss and slim figure to dancing. She mentioned in an Interview that Dance has been in her DNA and she is doing just that. She mentioned that she has taken up ballet classes which keeps her very active and fit. It's Ballet that is making her lose weight and she says that she is ok with it, as she is feeling extremely healthy.

Looking at her current photos many fans thought that Celine was suffering from an eating disorder and was anorexic. Celine went on to rubbish these rumors and assured her fans that she was completely fit. She said that, Yes I am skinnier than I was before but it's the result of the extra hardwork that I'm doing through Ballet. She has attributed her weight loss to ballet and said that she is extremly happy with the way she looks and feels. She assured her fans that she is completely fine and healthy and it was her choice to be thin. As she wanted to be strong, beautiful, feminine, and sexy.

Now that we know the truth behind Celine Dion's weight Loss, let's look at the advantages of Ballet for weight loss.

Ballet is a type of classical dance that emphasises skill and exact movements. However the slow movement of ballet will not burn as many calories as other kinds of dance, they can still be beneficial to your health and fitness in the following ways.

Improves legs and core Muscle strength and tone

Flexibility, agility, and coordination will improve your posture.

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