How to Prevent Discrimination Cases From Ever Happening

Discrimination is a severe problem that most companies have to face at some point.  Although this doesn't mean that every company is hateful or discriminates against employees or customers, understanding what causes it is important. 

People are to be respected simply for being human beings, and discrimination can take away from that.  This is how to prevent these cases from happening.

Pay Attention While Hiring

When you're hiring employees, please pay attention to their work history.  Talk to previous employers, discover why they quit or were fired, and discuss how they got along with other employees.  If you see any red flags, like being unsociable or mean to their coworkers, they should be avoided.

Your company should also pay attention to who you hire to ensure it's not one type of person. For example, if everyone you hire is only one ethnicity and gender, you need to deal with this problem.  Instead, pay close attention and do what you can to create level grounds for job seekers.

Ensure You Train At All Steps

Training is vital for every step of the process.  Although you can't control how someone else thinks or change the way they act, you can show them why it's harmful to other people and why they won't be a part of your company if they keep it up.

When you first hire an employee, take the time to fully train them on what discrimination looks like, who's affected by it, and how it's not tolerated. After this, set aside company-wide training that will be performed every six months- or every year depending on the company's size- that will refresh employees on the importance of treating each other with respect.  This may sound silly: but employment discrimination cases are no laughing joke. 

Watch Out For Unknown Biases

We all have biases that have formed over a lifetime of experiences.  Simple biases may be like wanting cats instead of dogs or preferring cold weather over hot weather: it's when it comes to people that it's a problem.  Don't allow for biases to permeate your business and rule over how people interact with each other. For example, ensure that human resources understand the importance of fair and equal hiring and that supervisors, leads, and managers all understand why they have to treat all employees with the same level of respect.

Listen To Employee Complaints

Tell employees they are encouraged to come forward if they see or hear anything that discriminates against them or another coworker.  Make it clear that discrimination isn't tolerated and that those who come forward won't be punished for trying to let their voices be heard.  Inform them that if it's their supervisor, or human resources, that they have a problem with, they can take it higher up in the company until they find someone who will listen to them.  When you receive their complaint, investigate and swiftly act on correcting it.  Although many get defensive when accused of this kind of behavior: don't let that be you.

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