Rolling ball game 3 balls - Rolly ball for Babies and Toddlers with Monkeyshape Heavy Plastic Ball

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Rolling ball game 3 balls - Rolly ball for Babies and Toddlers with  Monkeyshape Heavy Plastic Ball Drop -  Toy Set for Kids

Prime Deals Monkey Heavy Plastic Ball Drop Toy for Babies and Toddlers | New 5 Layer Tower Run with Swirling Ramps and 3 Puzzle Rattle Balls | Best Educational Development Toy Set for Kids(Multicolour)

This 5 layer, multi-colored ball drop ramp toy is made of high-quality PVC and features sturdier elements that won't bend during assembly. It also includes three spinning acrylic activity balls with multicoloured beads and shapes for even more interactive play.

The ball drop ramp toy is simple to assemble and disassemble, making playtime on the go a snap for you and your kids. The weighted balls rattle when you shake them, making it a popular early intervention childhood toy.

Start by placing the ball in the top hole and watching it fall and roll through each tier; the kids will be just as happy as the last roll when they reach the top.

For youngsters aged 12 months and up. Younger children can drop balls down the towers, while larger children can disassemble and reassemble it. If desired, you can build a taller tower with more sets, allowing the balls to roll to the bottom.

Fine motor abilities and problem-solving skills are enhanced by bright colours, interactive sounds, and detailed forms. Great interactive toys encourage intellect, creativity, originality, and concentration in newborns and toddlers, as well as providing an excellent eye-hand coordination workout.

Playing with the infant is enjoyable.

This monkey toy works by simply placing a ball in the top hole; the ball will twirl and fall from the ball tower down the ramp, providing hours of entertainment for the infant.

An Important Concept

Younger children can drop balls down the towers; babies, on the other hand, can roll the balls down the ramps numerous times and be just as happy as the last roll when they reach the bottom.

For older children, the stages can be dismantled and reassembled independently, much like a building game.

Excellent Education

Every colourful ramp level has numbers printed on it that are suitable for infants. From an early age, the toy aids youngsters in developing colour and number recognition. The toy is both informative and entertaining for toddlers.


There is no odour and no lead in the toy. Physical and chemical hazards to the baby's health and development are avoided by the smooth surface and round edge design without roughness. A toy that is completely safe and secure for your children to play with!!

We utilised a strong ABS material.

This ball drop toy has more durable pieces that will not bend during assembly and will last a long time. Made of high-quality ABS plastic that is both safe and non-toxic. Years of fun can be had by your newborn and future toddlers. This is a toy that will last for a long time.

A Perfect Present

This Prime Deals Swirl Ball Drop Toy Tower Ramp comes in a wonderful Brand Conquer design outer box that will be a pleasant surprise for any child who opens it.






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