Vtech Touch And Teach Word Book Learn Sea Turtle, Elephant & More

Vtech Touch And Teach Word Book Learn Sea Turtle, Elephant & More

vtech touch & teach word book

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This educational toy book for toddlers includes 12 wonderfully detailed and touch-sensitive pages that assist children in learning over 100 words divided into six categories.

Excellent pre-kindergarten toy for early education; includes four modes of play: what's that word, letter fun, music time, and discover it.

Pages respond to your toddler's touch with noises, music, and words; the early learning centre teaches fine motor skills in addition to the alphabet and words.

The Tech Smart Cubs, Cody and Cora, guide your youngster through interactive play; Introduce new words and ABCs to your child's vocabulary.

The baby book toy is suitable for children aged 18 months to four years; two AAA batteries are included for demonstration purposes; for regular usage, replace the batteries.

Product Description

With VTech's touch & teach word book, discover the enchantment of words. Cody the clever Cub and Cora the clever Cub teach letters and over 100 words through four distinct activities. With the swipe of a finger, twelve dynamic pages spring to life. With the touch & teach word book, you can make reading even more engaging. With sounds, words, and music, each page responds to your child's touch. On 12 fully-colored and wonderfully realistic touch sensitive pages, this word book contains over 100 words, 90 unique sounds, and 15 melodies. Four distinct modes are available: what's that word?, letter fun, music time, and find it quiz game. Additionally, the touch & teach word book assists your child in expanding his or her vocabulary by introducing the ABCs and assisting them in reading while linking words with pictures and sounds. Orange and pink are available.


This is an excellent book for picking up new vocabulary and learning how to pronounce it. It's even more enjoyable because it's participatory. When you touch the pictures in the book, it not only says the words aloud, but also describes them. Additionally, it teaches children how to read and has a music mode. Learn animals like elephant, turtle, lion and more








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