Nong Shim Red Super Spicy Noodles Price, Review & Unboxing

Nong Shim Red Super Spicy Noodles Price, Review & Unboxing

Nong Shim Red Super Spicy Noodles 120gm

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Brand - Nongshim

Weight - 120 Grams

Variety - Nongshim

About this item

Quantity: 120 gm

Nong Shim Red Super Spicy Noodles 120gm

Vegetarian noodles

Country of Origin - ‎Republic of Korea

It's fantastic! - If you've grown tired of Maggi and want to take your noodle game to the next level, this is an excellent improvement! The flavour is more akin to a spicy hot and sour soup, and the noodles have a nice chewy texture; the noodles actually don't become soggy even after being left in the hot soup for a long period of time, which is unusual for Asian noodles. This is a must-try! In addition, it is vegetarian. Do try it. It's well worth it.

Kimchi Ramyun is a type of packaged noodle designed particularly. In a bowl of noodle soup, this bag of noodles has the flavour of Kimchi. Customers may enjoy the classic taste of kimchi in the shape of ramyun noodles with Kimchi Ramyun Noodle Soup. Many Koreans consider kimchi to be their favourite dish. The chewy, soft noodles provide a nice counterpoint to the fiery flavour.

1. Nong Shim Red Super Spicy Noodles is a great way to start your day as it is high in important nutrients and provides a lot of energy.

2. Make your breakfasts healthier and more delicious with Nongshim's non-preservative soups.


1. Ingredients: Wheat flour, potato starch, palm oil, salt, acidity regulator, seasoning, green tea extract, vegetable protein, salt, yeast extract, mustard oil, salt, sugar, spices

2. 120 gramme capacity

3. Benefits: It's ready in minutes. An easy-to-prepare, comforting meal.

4. Noodles

5. Nongshim brand

Nutritional Information

100 gms Nutritional Value:

- Energy - 422 kcal, Fat - 13 g, Carbohydrate - 68 g, Of which sugars - 3.0 g, Protein - 8.2g, Sodium - 1530mg.

How to Make Use of

1. Cut the noodle cake into four equal pieces.

2. Boil 210 mL of water with the noodle and Tastemaker.

3. In an open pan, cook for 2 minutes, stirring occasionally.

4. Hold for 1 minute after cooking without draining any residual water, then serve hot.










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