Best vegetable peeler online buy on Amazon - Best Vegetable scraper for pumpkin, potato, cucumber, carrot, onion for kitchen

Best vegetable peeler online buy on Amazon - Best Vegetable scraper for pumpkin, potato, cucumber, carrot, onion for kitchen

Best vegetable peeler online buy on Amazon - Best Vegetable scraper for pumpkin, potato, cucumber, carrot, onion for kitchen

Do you still use your knife to peel many vegetables? Is your vegetable peeler no longer of any use? Or are you planning to buy a new veggie peeler? You have landed the correct place. We will be telling you all about vegetable peelers. A vegetable peeler, often shortened to a peeler, is a tool used in the kitchen. It is a kind of kitchen knife which includes in it a metal blade with a sharp edge, also a slot, attached to a handle. It removes the peel or the outer layer, say the skin of the vegetables. It is also called a vegetable scraper. Mostly all the vegetables with skin are peeler using it, be it potato, carrot, fruits, cucumber, etc. It is normally used in peeling potatoes so sometimes also referred to as a potato peeler. 

The slot of the peeler has one side sharpened, which peels the vegetable and the other control and prevents the blade from going deep into the vegetable. People also use a paring knife to peel the vegetables many times. It is not just that you can peel potatoes only but there are many other uses of a vegetable skin peeler. Vegetables and fruits have a lot of nutrients beneath their skin and peeling them with a knife can lead to loss of those nutrients as the knife peels more than that of the skin. So, it is necessary to use a peeler for such purposes. 

There are enormous designs of vegetable peelers that are available, it varies in its blades, handles, designs, etc. It depends whether that design is available in your place or not or whether you prefer it or not. There are various types of vegetable peelers about which we will tell briefly in the upcoming section. Now, let's have a look at the advantages of a vegetable peeler. 

The Top Brands

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Vegetable Peeler Brand in India with Price have been mentioned here. We've even spoken here about Best vegetable peeler online buy on Amazon - Best Vegetable scraper for pumpkin, potato, cucumber, carrot, onion for kitchen, Advantages of a vegetable peeler, Types of the vegetable peelers, How to find the best vegetable peeler, From where to buy vegetable peeler and the price  and more. In today's markets, there is a wide variety of Vegetable Peeler Brand in India are available in market. In the shop or on online store you can get different Vegetable Peeler Brand in India. There are several Vegetable Peeler Brand in India on the market, making it incredibly difficult to choose the right one. The Top Vegetable Peeler Brand in India Price in India are available on amazon also.

6) Bagonia 3-in-1 Rotational Vegetable and Fruit Peeler, Julienne

Slicer and Shredder, 420 Stainless Steel Blades

Bagonia 3-in-1 Rotational Vegetable and Fruit Peeler, Julienne

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Colour Green, Black

Brand Bagonia


Blade Material Stainless Steel

Price: Rs 299.00

5) Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Kitchen Peeler

Amazon Brand - Solimo Plastic Kitchen Peeler

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Colour Green


Brand Amazon Brand - Solimo

Blade Material Stainless Steel

Price: Rs139.00

4) Nova Plastic And Steel Magic Peeler And Cheese Grater

Nova Plastic And Steel Magic Peeler And Cheese Grater, White

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Colour White

Brand Nova

Blade Material Stainless Steel

Price: Rs 140.00

3) Victorinox, Swiss Classic Multipurpose PEELER/ Vegetable SCRAPPER

Double Edge Serrated -BLACK colour

Victorinox, Swiss Classic Multipurpose PEELER/ Vegetable SCRAPPER

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Material Plastic

Colour Black

Blade Material Stainless Steel

Brand Victorinox

Price - Rs 415.00

2) Tupperware Plastic Peeler, 200ml

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Tupperware Plastic Peeler, 200ml

Colour Red

Brand Tupperware

Blade Material Stainless Steel

Material Plastic

Price: Rs 275.00

1) Victorinox Stainless Steel Peeler,"Swiss Classic" Serrated/Wavy

Edge Universal Peeler for Professional and Household Kitchen, Orange, Swiss Made

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Victorinox Stainless Steel Peeler,"Swiss Classic" Serrated/Wavy

Material Plastic

Colour Orange

Blade Material Stainless Steel

Brand Victorinox

Price: Rs 419.00

This was our selection of the Vegetable Peeler Brand in India along with best Price. According to your choice and budget, you may pick from our post Vegetable Peeler Brand in India for your home use With Price Buy Online or you can purchase online on Amazon. We hope we were able to assist you in locating the Vegetable Peeler Brand in India.

Advantages of a vegetable peeler 

Apart from peeling vegetables or fruits, there are many other advantages of a vegetable peeler. Let's look at some of the advantages of it. 

Portable - Vegetable peelers are a handy tool and can easily fit into any of your kitchen drawers. They are easy to carry from one place to another place. Peelers do not require electricity until it is a kind of a machine for complex processes so there is no worry if electricity is not available outside your house. You can easily operate them. 

Durable - Peeler of high quality and strong build is durable and long-lasting. They do not break off easily and can go working for years. It has multipurpose use and is durable so you don't need to buy one again and again. The blades used in the peelers also remain sharp for a very long period and the handle is firm. So, the entire peeler is durable. 

Versatile - Vegetable peeler comes in various designs, colors, shapes and sizes. There is a lot of versatility one can see in it. The uses of the peeler also vary in its uses as it can be used as a carrot scraper. This feature allows you to pick the best and your preferable type of vegetable peeler. 

Affordable and available - Affordable and availability are two factors that are always looked at by anyone while purchasing anything. Vegetable peelers are inexpensive and available anywhere. You don't have to think even once before buying it. All the different types of peelers are affordable and available everywhere. 

We thought peeler to be used only as a tool to peel fruits, potatoes or as a cucumber peeler but there are more uses for it. You can use this easily available kitchen stuff for other works. It can be used to decorate your desserts and other purposes. Let us tell you how. 

Slice chocolate - Chocolates are everyone's favorite. It is used in different ways like in baking, ice-creams and more importantly in decoration. Slicing chocolates can be very difficult as slicing very thin curls from a knife is not easy. There will be no uniformity in the curls whereas if you use a peeler kitchen you can slice uniform and beautiful curls of chocolate to decorate or use as topping in cakes or other desserts. 

Slice cheese - Cheese is liked by almost everyone. Who doesn't use cheese in their kitchen? But it is not necessary that everyone uses a cheese slice and slicing it with a knife can be difficult and if it becomes soft then it can be a cumbersome task. You can use a peeler to slice your cheese. You can use a julienne cutter to even slice your cheese into thin filaments and use them. 

Strip citrus skin - Citrus fruits are very beneficial for our health, we should regularly eat them. But how many of us know that you can also use its skin for eating and decorating purposes? Many times, we use orange peel or lemon peel to decorate our cocktails. Hence, you can peel long strands using a peeler and give your cocktail a more beautiful touch.

Slice frozen butter - Butter is kept in a refrigerator so that it stays fresh and does not melt. However, it becomes a frozen butter and cannot be cut easily. Hence, you can slice it and use it as it melts easily and you don't have to wait for your butter to soften. 

So, there are many advantages of a vegetable peeler and its use is not restricted to only peeling and stripping vegetables. 

Types of the vegetable peelers 

We have only known a few types of vegetable peelers but there are a few more varieties of vegetable peelers. Here, we will be telling you about vegetable peeler types that are available and serve different purposes. 

Swivel peeler - It is one of the most common peelers. It has a double-edged blade attached to a handle. Its blade swivel allows cutting uneven-shaped potatoes or vegetables. It comes with an in-built eye pluck-out system for potatoes. It has a cupped sharp tip at the end to remove the eye. They are often seen as potato peeler knives. They are washable and rust-free. They are made from stainless steel and are durable. They are comfortable with both left-handed and right-handed people. 

Julienne peeler - A julienne peeler is often used to cut food for salad, garnishing or soups. They cut the vegetables into very thin straps. A peeler julienne blade is perpendicular to the handle. The blade has points that are toothlike and maybe swivel or maybe not. They cut the vegetables into fine filaments and can be used as carrot peelers to use in various dishes. 

Y peeler - As the name suggests it is shaped in the structure that it looks like a 'Y'. It is just like a Lancashire peeler but a bit broader than that. The peeler has a double edge blade and the blade can swivel. It also has an in-built potato eye remover. The pointed edge in the peeler allows removing the eye of the potato. This peeler can be used by both right and left-handers. 

Spiralizer - This peeler is either operated manually or by machine. You just need to push the vegetable into the blade and peel off the skin. As the name suggests, the peel which comes out is spiral in shape and can be used for decoration purposes. In the machine, the peels are collected in a container attached to it and in the manual the peels can be collected in a bowl. They are washable and you can wash each part separately. You can use them to julienne vegetables, to shred cheese and even more. 

Serrated peeler - This is a type of peeler that can be attached to many handles. It may swivel or it may not. It has a comfortable grip. It can peel hard, soft, waxy, any type of vegetable skin without cutting the vegetable beneath its skin. It leaves a pattern of ups and down on the surface of the vegetable. 

Peas peeler - Peas peeler is also known as a peas sheller is a kind of tool or device which removes all the peas from its shells. They take out the peas by a rolling mechanism. It presses the peas pods between the two rollers, which causes the peas to come out. It can also open the pods at times. It can be operated manually or by electricity. 

Onion peeler - Some machines are called onion peelers and can peel any size of onions. They run on electricity and remove the skin of many onions together. It can be also used by individuals, but mostly used by food processing units and areas where a huge quantity of onion peeling is required. 

Garlic peeler - Some tools can remove the garlic skin as well. It either comes as a peeler or a pouch-shaped in the form of garlic. When you put the garlic there and rub the pouch. After that, the skin automatically comes out. You can also buy a long plus chopper garlic peeler which is also good for peeling garlic. 

Peelers with a very sharp blade and strong build can even be used as pumpkin peelers. They can peel hard pumpkin skin as well but it must be used carefully. Now, we will look at factors to consider while buying a vegetable peeler. 

How to find the best vegetable peeler 

Now, when you are of use, advantages, and types of vegetable peelers. Let us tell you how to choose the best quality vegetable peeler. 

Type - Based on your preferences, you should use the peeler that is more suitable. You should look carefully and check the necessity, which type is required. After carefully inspecting only you should buy one. 

Handle -The handle is an important part. The handle should be firm and of good quality. The moving handle will cause trouble. you should see whether you can hold it comfortably or not. 

Blade - Blade is the important factor that should be considered while buying the peeler. The blade should be sharp and of good quality. It should be checked that it is rust-free. It should not be dull and cheap. 

Material - Material quality is an important factor one should look for. It should be rust-free. You should look for a peeler with an inbuilt eye remover of potato. 

Washable - The peeler you purchase should be easily washable. Non-washable peelers should be avoided. This is a feature you must look for. 

Price - Price is a determining factor, you must be able to make a balance between balance quality, brand and price. Very cheap peeler may not be of good quality. 

From where to buy vegetable peeler and the price 

Vegetable peelers are easily available in the market. You can vegetable peeler online as well. They can be purchased from any culinary store. It is also available in the malls where you get kitchen appliances. Nowadays, everything is available in online stores at an affordable rate and in good quality. You can buy vegetable peelers from Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Different brands manufacture peelers so you must keep all the factors and choose the type of peeler that suits you. Tupperware vegetable peeler is also of good quality and has different qualities. 

The price of vegetables varies based on the type of peeler, brand and quality of the scraper. A cheap quality peeler will be very inexpensive hence, choose wisely. Also, many times multipurpose peelers are not used. Most of its parts lie in waste. Hence, you can buy the one which will be used and can save money. 


Cooking can be made more fun, and fast when you have a vegetable peeler. You can decorate your desserts, peel cheese, chocolate, butter, vegetables, fruits and other purposes. Having a vegetable peeler will ease your work. You can decorate your salad as well. So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy your vegetable peeler.

Hope you got all information about Vegetable Peeler Brand in India along with the best Price Buy Online?. If you have any questions about Vegetable Peeler Brand in India we have listed With Price- please leave a message below do lets us know which Vegetable Peeler Brand in India did you find useful.

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