Fortune Hamesha Basmati Rice 5 Kg Price, Review & Unboxing

Fortune Hamesha Basmati Rice, suitable for daily cooking, 5 Kg

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Item Weight - 5000 Grams

Material Feature - Vegetarian

Package Information - Bag

Package Weight - 5.08 Kilograms

This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

Ideally suited for everyday cooking

Rice with a long grain.

When cooked, pristine white grain that does not cling to one another or break

Rice doubles in size and becomes delicious after cooking.

In addition to offering the tempting taste of basmati rice, Fortune's Hamesha basmati rice also delivers an appealing value. Bring the goodness of basmati rice home with you and enjoy the flavorful side dishes that come with them. Hamesha! Prior to being packed, each grain of Fortune Hamesha Basmati Rice is carefully age- and-dry-treated before being processed and graded with a sophisticated color-sorting system at our cutting edge facility.


With Fortune Everyday Hamesha Basmati Rice, you can enjoy the enticing taste of basmati rice at an attractive price. A long-grained material is used in this process. Packaging is sanitary in order to ensure the highest possible level of quality. When cooked, the texture is light, fluffy, and non-sticky. An enticing aroma that contributes to the overall flavour experience. Cooking biryani, fried rice, pulao and desserts with this product is simple and delicious!

Highlights of the Rice

Each item has been carefully chosen for its superior quality.

- Grain lengths that are long and slender

This product has an intense flavour and a fragrant scent.

For ordinary cooking, this product is appropriate.

For Everyday Cooking, There Are Several Advantages.

Everyday Basmati Rice from Fortune is the ideal option for simple rice and recipes such as Jeera Rice, Fried Rice, Kheer, Khichdi, and other curries.


Each grain of this premium-quality rice has a non-sticky texture, allowing you to create delectable biryanis and pulaos in which every grain can be tasted and appreciated.

The Extra Long Grain

When it is cooked, it increases in length by a factor of two, from 5.7 mm before cooking to 10.26 mm after cooking.

Carefully Brought To You

Using a sophisticated colour sorting system, every grain of Fortune Hamesha Basmati rice is thoroughly aged, dehusked, processed, graded, and sorted before it is packaged.

Tips on Preparing a Meal

- Remove the lid from the pot and cook the rice for 5-8 minutes on medium heat. Once or twice, give the mixture a good stir! Fill a sieve with water and run it through the rice to drain the excess liquid. Salt to taste, then put it all together and bake.

- In a closed pot, combine the rice and water (using a 1 3/4-to-1 ratio of rice to water). In a heavy-bottomed pot, bring it to a boil. Prepare the dish for 10 minutes on a low heat, covered with a tight-fitting lid. Remove the burner from the stovetop. Allow for 5 minutes of resting time before continuing. Using a fork, fluff the rice and serve it right away!

To use the microwave, mix all the ingredients in a large, deep bowl that can be microwaved.  Put plastic film of the container. Cook for 5 minutes on high/100 percent power, then reduce to medium/50 percent power for another 7 minutes to finish cooking. 3 minutes after covering with plastic wrap Using a fork, fluff the rice and serve it right away!

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