7 Important Gaming Industry Trends to Know Now

Trends come and go in gaming, and keeping pace with them primarily comes down to understanding how consumer habits affect them – and how they impact those habits, in turn. 

Here are some of the biggest trends right now in the gaming industry that any industry hopeful ought to know:

The Rise of Indie Gaming

Some of today's most popular games are from independent individuals or small companies. 

Among Us is the poster child for the indie gaming industry today. It was one of the most popular games of 2020, created by one such development team.

Despite its humble origins, the game has become one of the most popular among people of all ages and around the world. 

Everyone from very young children to major celebrities and public figures plays the game, and it has inspired everything from home décor to Halloween costumes.

Other popular indie titles include dating simulators, which allow users to interact with fictional "dates" and choose their adventures through interactive stories.

Also popular are dress-up games, which involve mini-games and stories for users to journey through. These games are increasingly popular, as they are great for casual gamers – and popular with those who have only small spurts of time to devote to gaming at a time.

Integration of Creation and Distribution

With the rise of indie gaming has come the desire by people to code and create games for themselves and others. Once, this was something that required specialized training and access to a professional-grade platform.

Now, users can design a game within an existing platform and debut and distribute it from the same place. One great example is the game Roblox.

It is a world-creation game with simple graphics and unlimited potential to create new mini-games within the existing framework. As such, thousands of users create new mini-games annually – and the game itself pulls in 150 million or more users every year.

More Informed Consumers

Once upon a time, you only knew about upcoming game releases and other fun events if you were an industry insider. Nowadays, though, consumers have taken to the internet to share reviews and previews of games with one another for free, putting the power back into the customer's hands.

If you are interested in a specific game genre, you can find websites or apps tailored to that interest.

Gambling game fans, for example, can keep up with trends through genuine iGaming websites like AskGamblers. These sites and platforms help consumers stay informed of what is worth downloading or buying – and what to skip.

More Diversity Across the Board 

Diversity is increasingly important in all types of media. Female protagonists, protagonists of colour, disabled characters, and many other types of representation are slowly making their way into the mainstream focus.

Even games that focus exclusively on male characters are shifting their scope to include characters that cater to all kinds of tastes—reflecting the shift in the popular culture and recognition that the industry consists of diverse players. 

Mobile Gaming Dominates the Market

There was a time not so long ago when gaming meant using either a dedicated gaming system or a computer. Those platforms are still popular, but mobile gaming is quickly catching up.

There are numerous reasons for this. One of the biggest reasons is because smartphones are often relatively inexpensive compared to game systems.

Not only does the average smartphone cost less than a brand-new game system or gaming computer, but a smartphone is also a multitasking, everyday utility. People can't use a gaming system for anything other than gaming or watching movies and shows, while a smartphone can do almost anything.

Likewise, smartphones are endlessly portable. Anywhere you can go, your phone can probably go, too. That means that anywhere you can go, your favourite mobile games can go.

It is easy to see why so many people are now jumping on the mobile gaming bandwagon – including die hard gamers and brand-loyal system fans!

Remakes and Reboots of Classic Concepts 

The games and characters that people loved as children or teenagers are making a comeback in recent months. During 2020, people seemed to be hungry for the familiar and nostalgic. As such, once familiar faces and classic characters began to resurface in reboots and remastered versions of beloved games. 

There are two ways that this trend takes form. 

One is the apparent overhaul of characters and concepts, with newer graphics and more detailed storylines. These are the slicker, more sophisticated, grown-up versions of heroes we have loved – and they delight adult audiences as much as they did when they were children. 

The other famous avenue for bringing well-loved characters and games back is through simple remastering. Everything from Crash Bandicoot to Sonic the Hedgehog has seen classic versions of their games updated just enough to run smoothly on newer systems and speeds.

Otherwise, the graphic and interface are mainly similar, letting those who loved these games as kids relive those fun-filled days while staying at home as adults.

Cloud Gaming Continues to Grow

Lastly, the continued growth of cloud gaming is magnifying every other trend we see in action. Rather than purchasing a physical copy of the latest game, people can now download these new games directly to their devices.

It has changed everything about the gaming experience, from awaiting new releases to buying a new system itself. 

All of that is only likely to continue, as cloud computing appears to be the way of the future – and gaming is sure to continue catering to modern audiences as it becomes an even more ubiquitous part of our lives!

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