Top LMS Vendors For Customer Training

Businesses have started to realise that offering customer training is one of the most effective ways to influence customer perception and improve their position in the market. If delivered correctly, customer training can help companies in increasing customer loyalty as well as developing strong customer relationships.

Educating your customer on how to use the product and derive maximum satisfaction will also help in reducing customer churn rates. This is also a cost-effective and impactful platform to demonstrate how your product is better than your competitors’. Customers are more likely to prefer a brand that is available to help them find solutions to their problems.

However, these benefits can only be achieved if you are able to deliver the planned training effectively to your customers. Otherwise, you would simply be wasting the time and resources of your organisation. That’s why many companies are now opting for advanced eLearning solutions such as learning management systems to train all their customers in the best possible way.

These tools allow customers to access the training material from anywhere anytime. Plus, they also help companies to deliver content in a highly engaging and interactive manner. But, we also understand that with so many options available in the market, selecting the LMS for your requirement can be a tedious task. Therefore, in this article, we will be sharing a list of the top 4 LMS for customer training.

Keep reading on to find the one that’s right for you.

1. TalentLMS

TalentLMS is a cloud-based SCORM compliant LMS that is most useful for small and midsize businesses. It allows admins to create a public homepage and brand their portal with logos, colours, and a custom domain. Users can also create their own learning portals with their own courses and branding as the software is built on a multitenant architecture.

TalentLMS features an easy-to-use user interface that does not necessitate a high level of technical expertise. It has a lot of configurable features that allow you to tailor the platform to your company's needs. Video conferencing, course selling, notifications, and gamification elements are just a few of them.

2. Litmos

Litmos is a cloud-based LMS that comes with a cutting-edge feature set. Its user interface is noted for its streamlined simplicity and amazing usability. All its features have been designed keeping the user in mind including mobile access, easy-to-use interface and multi-language support.

It allows businesses to link their training programmes with their most significant business objectives. This system is built to maximise user engagement and information retention. It also contains pre-packaged integrations with software programmes and information systems, which reduce time-to-value and boost user acceptance.

3. Paradiso

Paradiso LMS is a cloud-based LMS that offers a dynamic training platform with interactive elements to make learning more engaging and exciting. It comes with a user-friendly UI and more than a hundred different apps that can be integrated with the system. These apps include CRM, eCommerce, CMS, and video conferencing tools.

It also offers various gamification features that can be used to make your customer training course more engaging and attractive. The LMS is also highly customisable, which means you can easily configure it to meet your organisational requirements. The system is also mobile-friendly, making learning flexible and easily accessible for your customers/learners.

4. Docebo Learning Suite

Docebo Learning Suite is a ‘software as a service’ LMS that organizations often use to tutor their partners, employees as well as customers. From this single system, you may distribute, structure, and manage online learning courses, as well as monitor results using track learners' certificates and dashboards.

In addition, Docebo also allows users to create both, fully online and instructor-led (ILT) courses. The software includes some particular in-built reports which the user can amend according to the goals and needs of the trainees. The software gives the users the option to create their own customised reports by changing the user data and course fields. 


All the above-mentioned tools are very useful for companies that plan to deliver effective customer training. Most of these systems can also automate various time-consuming tasks such as report generation or progress tracking. So, review these tools in more detail and implement the one that best fits your organisation to achieve all your customer training goals.

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