4 Features to Look for in Help Desk Software


Choosing the right help desk software for your business is not an easy feat. Software with more features doesn't always mean better customer support, so it’s important to choose one with the features your business needs. Good help desk software can boost staff productivity by up to 93%. So, before getting help desk software, discuss the important features with your support team. Here are four essential features to look for in help desk software.

1. An Intuitive Interface

New help desk software requires a few tweaks to fit company requirements. Some tools are easier to adjust than others. The harder the software is to use, the longer it will take your customer service reps to get used to it. 

Before settling on a help desk tool, consider its ease of use and interface. An intuitive interface has low cognitive load and makes it easy for users to get tasks done. It enhances efficiency and the quality of work. 

A good intuitive interface:

- Loads fast, allowing users to make changes quickly

- Includes easy-to-use features that matter to your team

- Allows people to customize it without help from the administrator

Ensure you check out a live demonstration of the software before buying it.

2. Third-Party Integration

Good help desk software integrates with other enterprise software, allowing users to work on other tasks without leaving the platform. It integrates with billing systems, task management software, and other business software. By doing so, it offers a bi-directional information link between departments in a centralized location.

Employees from all departments can clearly see the interactions between agents and customers. While the IT team can add integration features to some help desk software, it's better to get software that integrates with the tools you frequently use.

3. Excellent Customer Support

It's easy to assume that any company that sells help desk software is deeply concerned about customer support. This isn’t always the case. Before buying help desk software, get a trial version and test a few features. You can test the email ticketing system by submitting a few tickets and monitoring the response time. 

Most genuine companies have free trials you can take advantage of. You can also read reviews by other customers to find out more about the software. It’s worth mentioning that some tools will offer customer support based on the plan you've signed up for. Premium support may attract an additional fee, which is why you should take your time and choose the best software.

4. Collaboration Features

Good help desk software keeps all users on the same page and allows them to easily collaborate. It allows for:

- Agent to agent collaboration when resolving difficult tickets

- Agent and customer collaboration in situations that require actual user input to improve the service

- Collaboration between departments, enabling customer service agents to utilize company resources more efficiently to improve service delivery

Another important feature to look for in help desk software is collision detection. It prevents duplicate replies, provides high-quality pre-written archived responses for common questions, and creates private notes, allowing team members to discuss confidential issues.

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